Zena, had grown up with her grandparents along with her brother. They were sent to the old folks when their father vanished. For survival,they were made to grow up with their grandparents, far away from their homeland. Her brother was a twin. He was separated from his twin brother, her other brother. She heard he was doing well wherever he was. They had gone to their home town to visit their mother and brother several times. But since their mother died and the third brother ran off, they lost contact. She and her brother were left alone too when their grandparents died in a house fire that consumed their house. The old people were suffocated by the wicked hands of smoke. 

     Zena kicked away her fur blanket. She crawled out of her tent. The sun had come up already beaming warm heat to everyone who came out to it. She looked above her brothers tent and yawned. She jerked her hands forward like someone who was warming up for a fight. She had a slim body with nice structure. Her hair was chestnut brown and it flowed straight down to her elbow. Her skin was a bit red. She had an oval face adorned with sharp eye brows, brown pupils, a moderate sharp nose and cute red lips.

    She walked to her brothers tent. 

    ''Achiaca! Wake up. You're in charge of food today'' Her melodious voice sang.

    She could hear her brothers grunts and ruffling in his tent. He poked his head out of his tent, squeezed his face because of the bright sunlight.

   ''Fish's in the pot, I cooked nothing more'' He retreated his head and resumed whatever he was doing. Zena walked to the pot beside his tent and helped herself to some fish meat. She walked into her tent to eat. She and Achiaca had decided to camp there after raiding some Roman officers and stealing their money. They were being pursued but their horses had taken them far into the horizon. She put her head backwards and held her hair into a pony tail with a bond. She thought of someone and smiled. She missed him and couldn't wait to get back home to see him. As bad as she was, He still married her and now they had a kid. She'd travel far to rob people,then bring the loot home to her family. She had been doing this before she met him and she wasn't going to stop it because of him. 

    Everyone knew Zena and Achiaca. Even the Roman veteran fighters feared them so much. They were skilled fighters and strategists that the Roman warlord had asked them to team up with his army. Achiaca joined a band of thugs for survival when his grandparents died. He learned the art of fighting there then taught Zena.

     She munched the fish in her mouth leisurely. She was tired of eating fish. She had thought Achiaca would go hunting. She grumbled as she ate on. 

   Outside her tent,a Roman officer was moving towards the two tents on the lawn. He held his sabre like gold. He seemed scared to his bones. He adjusted his helmet and thrust his hand further. He bent by the first tent then waved to his companions to come. He suspected that the two bandits were not around. This was their chance to steal what they lost and skedaddle before Zena and Achiaca came back. The officer straightened as his companions surrounded the two tents. He opened the first tent, bent and poked his head inside.

     ''Ahhhh!! Thwa!!!! Curse yo... Ahhh. My eyes'' He flew back hysterically. Fish could be seen on the ground outside. He rubbed his eyes screaming. Steam oozed from his face. His companions thrust their swords into the tent. Zena rolled out in time. She launched herself into the air and kicked the screaming man in the head. She was out of the circle of enemies now. She posed for a fight. The Roman officers looked at each other in fear. Whoever got in first would get killed. And their oath as Roman officers was to fight till death whether victory was sure or not. To them,''a warriors death is the best death''.

     Achiaca came out of his tent with a small knife. The officers divided into two. Three to Zena, four to Achiaca. Achiaca who wasn't someone who liked having his opponent attack first launched at the farthest officer to him. The officer had his guard down thinking he still had two people before him. He tried to slash his sabre at Achiaca but he was a second late. Achiaca had closed into his shoulder and sent the knife into the officers armpit. He tossed the officer at the rest. He could hear swords clashing behind him. Zena was already battering. An officer dived at him. He sidestepped and sent a calculated punch to the throat of the second officer. He grabbed the first officer in a choke hold. He tightened his hold on the neck. The officers head became red as he couldn't breathe. He slumped beside his friend with the broken throat. Two officers remained. He charged at the unhurt one. He slashed at Achaica's head. Achiaca punched his wrist while closing in. The sword flew away. He dealt the Rman officer a choke slain before digging a sword through his armour into his heart. The last officer who got stabbed in the armpit was making away. Achiaca hated one thing, doing something and not finishing it. He never fought without killing every opponent. He picked a sword and sent it greedily at the running officer. 3 seconds later, the weapon met its target. He brushed his short blonde hair aside.

     ''Took you long enough'' Zena teased from behind. He turned and smiled. 

  ''Yeah yeah. Big deal'' he wasn't ready to start arguing with his younger sister. 

     ''Let's get out of here. More will be coming'' Zena suggested. They went and got their things.

   The black Horse shrieked as Zena came nearer. It seemed scared of something. Zena patted it and whispered sweet nothing into its ears but the horse wouldn't stop the shrieks. She looked beside her and saw a man in a black shadowy gown. His face was hideous like a burnt cracked clay pot. He was over 8ft tall. She gaped at him, terrified to say a word. The horse slammed to the ground.

     ''You're coming with me!'' Hades said. He grabbed her and vanished into hell.

     Some place else, moments later, Achiaca was taken by the grim reaper.


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi