Step brother

I slipped out of my blubber blanket that morning and I tried stretching my hands. I let go of a barmy yawn and I felt like my mouth was going to split.

Then I noticed it was dawn. That was going to be my last day at home if my step mother wasn't going to try all her best to get me thirteen thousand naira for my Neco registration. 

I had school in my head and I believed my first step was registering for a Neco exam. 

She said she couldn't afford it. She promised she was going to do something before today. The last day. 

At first, she mentioned she would grab a loan as quick as possible. I missed enrolling for Waec, because she felt she had some bills to settle. She wanted us to retain the house my dad had left behind. But I wasn't after all of that. 

She said she loved me like I was her daughter, but she wasn't doing all she could to get me what I wanted so badly. An admission. At least joining my step brother, Collins in Uniben was going to be awesome. 

I sat down at the edge of the my bed and I felt like I would die, If I didn't register for this Neco exam.

I picked up my cell phone and I dialed Collins' glo line. "Switched off" it said. That alone made me aberrant. He had begged me to wait for GCE. I heard GCE was hard, so I had it recant.

I bursted into our huddled living room the moment it was Ten minutes after eleven. My Step mum was seated praying.

 "May be you should pray to God to send u money." I said loudly and I meant it, the determination in my voice was sharp. I had told her I would be walking away from the home, if she wasn't going to get me registered. She said she wasn't going to sell her self to do it. But she just borrowed Fourth two thousand Naira to pay Collins' school fees. Don't I deserve that too.

I lifted my bag filled with few cloths that would last me a week, off the ground and I was set to stomp out of the house when my step brother walked in. He came in with a thick smile that I felt he was mocking my failure. 

I felt broken and a deep hatred for him emerged in my heart. 

I walked pass him and I approached the door when he called me back. "Luci. When will the registration close" he said, and his mum glowered at us. 

"One hour time." I wavered. He handed over to me a Zenith bank Visa Debit card and he whispered to me. 

"Go and pay."

I snagged it out of his hands and I could not say more than a 'thank you.' Probably he had managed to borrow few cash for my sake. 

I was outside the house when I heard his mum's voice bawling at him. 

"Did you just give her your school fees, Collins?" 

"If that will make her stay with us." I heard my Step brother reply softly as I stopped walking to listen. 

"You will loose a whole semester in school. Collins are you stupid. Where do you want me go get another money from. You should have let her walk away." His mum kept ranting. 

"Mum I just gave her thirteen K. I will work it out when I get back to school."

"You knew you could work it out and you made me apply for a loan."

"Mum! I don't have a choice now." He shirked. 

That day stocked in my head like a sticker. Then I learnt the real definition of true love. I learnt about true love been thicker than blood. Blood might kill but true love will always save. 

 This is was an experience I would never forget in an hurry.

My step brother showed me what true love is.