Episode 6

 ''I just think that emotions are a waste. They make people do stupid thing'' Henry was enjoying the conversation with the president. He was resting comfortably on the chair and watching everything keenly.

  ''You do know that you're displaying an emotion now son. Anger and frustration and should I say Depression?'' The president replied still looking as calm as ever.

  ''That's the main problem Mr president. I don't want to feel this way'' 

  ''Then why don't you replace the emotion with love and happiness''

  'love and happiness, distractions' 

  ''I don't think so sir''

  '' Find happiness son. You have a lot going for you. Do you have a girlfriend?'' 

  ''I wish.''

 ''so, there's a girl! Go after her. Why are you holding back son''

They were now on the highway. A long stretch of road that joined Abuja to Bauchi. Few cars were present.

  ''Sir, the thing is......''

 Henry voice trailed off as he heard the first vehicle of the presidents entourage explode. He wound down the black tinted window of the principals car to see what happened. He heard another explosion, the second car in the line was on fire. One by one occupants in the presidents entourage cars managed to escape death by fleeing the cars before they exploded.  The explosion was creeping closer to the Presidents car.

  ''All soldiers disembark and fight off anyone who comes as an attacker. Over!'' Henry barked into his walkie talkie as his soldiers jumped out of the cars behind.

  Henry tried to unlock his seatbelt but it wasn't coming off. He saw the president struggling to pull off his also. 

  ''we'll be fine sir... I promise'' Henry tried his best to comfort the president. He had to be cam hre. He withdrew a knife from his jacket and proceeded to cut the presidents seatbelt. He heard the car closer to their explode and human parts slapped on their windscreen. 

  Other soldiers were trying to open the presidents car from outside but it wasn't opening. Somehow, the perpetuators of this attack had over-ridden the computer systems of all the cars the president had.

  Henry noticed the driver was calm and not moving.

  ''Hey! Can't you do anything?'' Henry yanked at him. He was almost done with cutting the president out of his seatbelt. The driver turned to face Henry with a pistol pointed straight to henry's head. Henry froze.

  ''No one's going anywhere'' Thedriver said. Henry could see a man emerge from the smoke with a bazouka.  Aiming at them.


  Shindara was back at her aunts place. She was waiting for her aunt to come down from her room upstairs. 

 Gosh, the woman was taking much time making up. Why would she be taking so much time applying make-up despite her old age.

  ''okay. I'm ready, lets go. You're driving'' Aunt Teni said as she walked gracefully down the stairs. She stopped with a dissapointed look on her face. She looked Shindara up and down.

  ''why don't you ever make yourself look good?'' She chided and proceeded to bring out her make up from her purse.

  Shindara wanted to spring up to her feet to evade the make up bath but her aunt was having none of it.

  ''you dare not move an inch''

  ''A whole lady. I wonder how you intend to get married if you don't apply make-up. Even see the way she'd dressed. Must everyone even know you're in the army?. You just wore your stupid khaki trouser and a shirt with that yeye thing you call a face cap.'' Aunt Teni ranted on as she painted Shindaras face.

 Twenty minutes later, Shindara came out looking like a chinese doll. She wasn't smilling. She got into her Aunts SUV,waited for her aunt to get in and drove out of the compound.

  ''when last did you talk to your sister Iyanu?'' Aunt Teni tried to strike up a conversation.

  ''this morning.'' Shindara replied.

  ''did you hear she won an award recently?'' 

  ''I was the first person to hear apart from the people who witnessed it on TV''

  ''If you were into something better now, you might have goten an award.'' Aunt Teni pursed her lips.

  '' I won't sha leave the army. Continue your propaganda'' Shindara stuck her tongue out at her aunt. ''ehn ehn. Aunty Teni. Popsi told me to tell you about the new business deal he secured for you.''

  ''Which one is that one again?'' Aunt Teni turned to look at Shindara.

  ''I don't know, he didn't tell me. But he tried your line but it wasn't going so he told me to tell you all the same''

  ''Tell him to give someone else o. My hands are too full right now with the ones he gave me already''

  Shindara ignored the reply and was nodding her head to the pop song blazing from the radio in the car.

 The singing came to an abrupt end and an announcer spoke up.

  ''breaking new. Reports just came in that the presidents entourage has been attacked by unknown gunmen. There are no news of any survivors. Safety authorities have been blocked from reaching the point of attack. All members................''

  Shindara didn't know when she drove into a wall.

  ¬©Oluwafemi stephen