Episode 5

 ''Why would she be looking at me?'' Shindara asked baffled.

 ''I don't know. Maybe because of That guy'' Diana suggested,

 ''Who? Danladi? Nah, not possible jor''  Shindara whispered back.

  ''Bighead, I meant your goat.'' 

  ''So? What's my deal with the goat?''

  ''Almost the whole camp saw you guys together na. And we know she's crushing on him'' 

  ''Oh'' Was all Shindara could say. Henry and Danladi were coming their way. 

 ''Do I go or stay?'' Diana asked nervously as the two men came closer.

  ''Which Kind of yeye question is this ke? You want to leave me alone with the goat and Dan?''

  Henry was looking straight as usual, his face was business like and firm. Danladi was smilling and showing of his gapped front tooth. 

  ''So I see both of you are getting along'' Henry broke the silence. ''Hi Diana'' He waved at Diana and she replied with a small wave fearing Shindara'

  'how did he even know Diana's name? He's been doing some findings' Shindara thought.

  ''Yeah. Good afternoon'' Shindara greeted coldly.

  ''Gee, what's the meaning of this tension. Henry, smile na. '' Danladi poked Henry who returned it with a weak smile.

  ''Yeah, I gotta go. Bye everyone'' Henry greeted and walked up to his car. Danladi watched him go and shook his head sadly. Shindara wondered why.

  ''What's up with him?'' Shindara asked. ''ever since He came here, he's been all serious''

  ''It's a long story. And he'd kill me if I told you''  

  'whatever, Its not my business'

  ''He's going on an assignment today. To Bauchi''

  ''Why, what's going on there?''

  ''Are you even in Nigeria?  President Buhari will be visiting Bauchi tomorrow so Henry's one of the lucky soldiers who'll be guarding him''

''Oh, is he that  effective at what he does?'' Shindara asked.

  ''Very! He's very qualified that's why he was sent down here to train you guys'' Danladi responded.

  ''How come you know we're new recruits''

  Danladi scoffed playfully. ''seriously? Who wouldn't know. Only new female recruits walk in two's everywhere. And I've been seeing you guys together since march that you came''


  ''Let me bet this with you.. In a months time, both of you will hardly have time to get together''

  ''Why ke??'' Shindara looked at Diana who had long seperated herself from them. This time, Diana was pretending really well not to be listening to their conversation.

  ''Just see'' Danladi said, drew out his phone and handed it over to Shindara. ''your digits abeg. Or should I kneel down?''

  'Men sha. See this guy, e never pass three minutes o' Shindara eyed Danladi in a manner that seemed playful to Danladi but she wasn't doing it to be funny. Diana was waving furiously at Shindara not to release the number so quick and easy.

  ''why Should I give you??'' Sindara pocketed the phone.

  ''Maybe because I'll be your first male friend here? Need more reasons?'' Danladi pouted.

  Shindara saw the full red lips the guy had and gave in. She pulled the phone out of her pocket and typed in her digits. 

 Diana slapped her palm over her face in frustration. 'so Cheap' 

  ''No thanks by the way'' Danladi snatched his phone and saved it. ''I'm saving it as parrot''

  ''ehn? Pa-what? Please change it biko'' Sindara struggled to hijack the phone from him.

  ''no way! I like parrots and I think they're cute. And since you're cute, I just have to save it as that'' 

  ''I'm still not okay with it. Change it''

  ''make me!''

  Danladi didn't see the punch that came at his face fast enough for him to dodge. His phone fell on the lawn and Shindara was quick to pick it up. She ran some away a bit and changed the name.

  ''really? Really? I got a punch cos of it? I can arrest you for rape now'' Danladi pretended to hold on to his head playfully.


  ''Mr. President. It's an honour to meet you sir'' Henry greeted The president as he shook hands with him. 

  The president grinned back in the most friendly manner.

  ''How are you luitenant?''

  ''I'm very good sir. I hope all has been well with you sir?''

  ''It couldn't be better Luitenant. Shall we be on our way now?''

  ''Sure, I'm be right in your car with you sir''

  Henry went into the presidents car after the president got in. He watched as the presidential entourage filed out of the presidents villa before the presidents car followed with flight of official cars following.

  Henry stared out of the window deep in thought. Why was this girl getting into his head? Of all the women in the camp, why was it her who had to bring Tony home? 

  ''naah, come on, don't think of a lady, ladies are great distractions in life. The president is with you andd you're thinking of a lady who's enjoing herself in Danladi's hands' His head was speaking to him.

  He realised how he almost showed the anger in him yesterday when he saw Danladi and Shindara together. Especially when she was laughing so hard and even held on to Danladi. He was jealous. Sooo jealous.

  ''Why did God give us emotions?'' He said out loud thinking he said it in his head.

  ''you said what?'' The president asked looking at him aestheticaly.

  ''Oh, I'm sorry sir. I was pondering over something. It's nothing serious''

  ''If it has to do with emotions then it's something serious'' President Buhari said with a fatherly spark in his eyes. He was looking at Henry like he'd look at his own son.

©Oluwafemi Stephen