Episode 4

  Henry got prepared for work that morning and was stepping out by 7a.m. He had left a note for Tony pertaining to how he'd be gone for some days for a task assigned to him.

  He wasn't happy he'd be leaving. Sometimes, most times, the army didn't give space and time for  him to spend quality time with Tony and He knew Tony sure would be dissapointed.. That's if Tony wasn't used to it already.

  He locked the door and turned to his garage then her saw Tony approaching the quaters with one slender figure.


  ''Tony. Are you sure this is where you uncle stays?'' Shindara asked again for the fifth time. 

  Tony scoffed at her. ''yes. That appartment there'' Tony pointed to a bungalow not far away.

  Shindara wanted to turn back and leave... She was in the officials quaters/zone and didn't know if it was wise to around the place muchless with a boy who she isn't sure has an uncle there.

  ''What position does you uncle hold?'' 

  ''He's a luitenant General.'' 

  'Oh Boy! A luitenant general.'

  ''Are you scared?'' Tony asked as he could feel her grip on his hand vibrating.

  ''No... Not at all. Why would I?'' Shindara blabbed. She knew she was scared. She was hoping it wasn't the goat. That guy scared hell out of her.

  ''There he is.'' Tony pointed to a man locking the door.

  ''Alright Tony. Nice meeting you.''  Shindara left his hands and turned to walk away. She could feel the luitenants gaze on her.

  ''won't you say hello?'' Tony probed.

  ''Nah. I'm late for a class'' She took a step away and heard the man call out to her.

  ''Hold it right there sergeant'' Henry ordered. 

  Shindara froze. She turned slowly to face the goat himself.

  'Badluck early in the morning. Great'

  Henry swaggered close to shindara who was standing like a pole. Tony was desperately trying to make eye contact with him to tell him to spare the poor girl.

  Henry eyed Shindara. She was of average height. Light skinned and had all ber female attributes in moderate size. Her lips were pink and cute. Her jaws were sharp and it contrasted greatly with her cheekbones. He was taller than her by far but he admired her. He found himself drooling for sometime and he quickly pulled himself together.

  ''You're Shindara, right?'' He asked.

  ''Yes sir'' Shindara kept looking down. Afraid to look at his face.

  ''Tony'' Henry faced The teenager. ''Don't you have school to attend?''

  Tony bolted into the house after retrieving the spare key from a flower vase by the door.

  ''So, Are you heading to the class?'' Henry asked.

  ''Errrr.. No sir, I'm not. I'm not dressed as neccessary sir''

  ''Because of Tony right?'' Shindara nodded slowly. ''So, you'll be late to the class... As usual''

  'Doesn't he get it? I will be late because of your nephew, oversized goat'

  ''no. I'll make it there in time since its at 7:30 sir'' She replied.

  Other officials were driving out of their houses and were looking at them. A particular official drove by them and gave Henry a thumbs up with a naughty smile and wink. Shindara wanted to tell them badly that she hated him.

  ''Let me drop you off at your quaters then'' Henry said and dipped his key into the lock of his G-wagon.

  ''It's not neccessary sir, I can just....''

  '' Sergeant Shindara.... Get in'' Henry shut her up. She quietly got into the car playing nervously with her fingers.


  ''Oya. Tell me! What are you not telling me?'' Diana pressed Shindara against a wall playfully.

  ''About what jor.. Don't ruffle my clothes abeg'' Shindara pushed Diana away and adjusted her cloth.

  ''You and Luitenant Henry. Everyone saw you guys this morning'' Diana replied.

  ''Did you see me smilling? Or shinning my thirty-two with him. It was obvious I was under pressure. The aura around him is so thick ehn'' Shindara waved her hand into the air trying to wave the thought of Henry away.

  ''He seemed to enjoy it though.'' Diana put in.

  ''Na you know. You'll see everything. You should be working with linda Ikeji'' Shindara giggled along with Diana.

  They saw a soldier walking up to them cooly and his gaze told them he was coming to meet them. They pretended like they didn't see him and continued walking although they were no more talking.

  ''Hi ladies'' The soldier greeted as he stretched out his hand to handshake both of the ladies.

  Shindara recognised him. He was the official who winked at Henry that morning. Could it be that Henry sent him to her? 

  'noo, That goat is cooler than that' She thought. She shook his hands.

  ''I'm Danladi and you are?'' Danladi asked Shindara. Diana had taken the hint that he was not after her so she stepped away from the duo pretending to be busy with her phone.

  Shindara sized up this Danladi of a guy. He was light skinned. Had gap tooth and pointed nose. And He had blue eyes.. Something she had seen in only the white men she had come in contact with. He was tall with a built structure.  And he had several badges tagged to his uniform.

  'he must be an halfcaste' She thought 'and a very senior soldier'

  ''I'm Oluwashindara Sir'' She replied with a bright smile.

  Danladi turned abruptly to look behind him trying to see who Shindara was addressing as 'sir'. He was trying to create a funny scene.

  ''Who are you calling a 'sir'? Me or your friend over there'' He pointed to Diana who was trying her possible best not to look their way but she was failing at it.

  Shindara laughed hard and called Diana over.

 ''Diana, meet officer Danladi. Officer Danladi, Diana''

 They both exchanged pleasantries and again, Diana slipped away.

  ''So, you called me officer this time. My name's Danladi. Repeat after me. Danladi'' Danladi protested.

 Shindara laughed ''Okay.. This is wierd but... Okay sha Danladi'' 

 Danladi clapped his hands with a smile.

  ''so, what's a girl like you doing in the army?'' Danladi asked, trying to build a conversation.

  ''Well, To serve my country and not die while doing it durh'' Shindara replied.

  Danladi laughed. ''And what are the chances of you not dying.. You know, you'd survive even in the frontline of a battle ground.'' 

  ''How?'' Shindara asked baffled.

  '' Look at it this way... I'm one of the enemies soldiers. I pick up my bazouka to shoot at the opposite camp and then I notice one very beautiful female soldier in the opposite camp. Surely I'd drop my bazouka, grab my walkie talkie and say ''Terminate operation. Future wife spotted in the enemies camp. Abort mission! Retreat to the base'' '' Danladi Joked.

  Shindara doubled up with laughter. She laughed so hard that she had to hold Danladis hand for support.

  ''Oh come on, you're flattering me''

  ''No I'm not. Any sane man would do that''

  ''Definitely, some soldiers will still carry on with the operation.'' Shindara said 'for example, the goat' She thought.

  ''Look there's Henry coming. We have something to discuss. We won't take long. Can you wait?'' Danladi asked Shindara as Henry approached them.

  ''sure'' Shindara replied.

 She had mixed feelings. Henry was staring at her while he was coming. Danladi was also walking up to meet Henry but Henry just kept looking at her.

  ''Shindara! Look. Oga's wife is looking at you'' Diana spoke in whispers. She had slipped beside Shindara on noticing that Ogas wife was staring at Shindara with what seemed like hate.

©Oluwafemi Stephen