Episode 1

  She was walking down a gloomy path  in the dark. And the cold air sent shivers down her spine. She had the feeling she was being watched closely by something dangerous. 

''What was it? Why is it following me?'' She asked herself. Perhaps, whatever was following her was stalking her to get the flower in her hand. ''But, why can't the person pluck his own flower by the riverbed I just plucked mine from?''

 she could hear footsteps behind her. Whoever it was was walking like a panther . The footsteps were making very little sounds that if not for her training, she wouldn't be so calm to hear them. She heard a knife gliding out of its sheath behind her and she tensed. How would she fight with someone in the dark? She could hardly see beyond her nose.

  Suddenly, the wind started to blow furiously. She tightened her grip on the flower. The foot steps were becoming faster, the person was running to catch up with her now.

  She reached under the behind her belt, close to her abdomen, grabbed the pistol concealed there and corked it. She guaged the position of the attacker and in a quick turn, she sent a bullet straight into the chest of the attacker.

  The man groaned and asked her to run. Why would her attacker ask her to run? 

  ''who are you and what do you want?'' She asked with her shaky voice. She pointed the gun  at him at close range. 

 ''Run now!'' He shouted painfully.

 She heard faster footsteps behind her. She was slow to turn. Another man grabbed her  neck from behing her and punched the pistol off her hand. She struggled desperately to break free from his strong grip but he wasn't letting her go. He dragged her helplessly past the man she shot. It was the guard! The one who she met at the gate not long ago. She shot the person who came to help her!

  Shindara strugged to break free from his grip but her hit his gun behind her neck and she fainted.

  Shindara jerked up from her slip. She looked around the room. 

  ''Thank God. It was a dream'' She scooped the beads of sweats formed on her face and got out of her bed. She unplugged her ringing phone from the socket and picked the call.

  ''Hello. Goodmorning.''

  ''Yes, I just woke up ''

  ''I had the same dream too. I'm scared'' 

  ''Okay, I will, as soon as I'm free. Bye!''.

  She looked into her miror and looked at her tired eyes.

  'I need to sleep more! Oooooh'' She grumbled and scooped her hair backwards.

  She logged into her whatsapp and replied some messages and then disturbance came.

  ''All new recruits should  be out on the training ground in ten minutes! I repeat, all new recruits should be on the training ground in ten minutes. Good morning everyone'' The speaker outside her quaters blared.

  ''Wetin again now? Early in the morning. Is it a crime to join the army?'' She kicked the pillow on the ground aside and ran into her bathroom to get ready. ''I pity the person who'd get there late.'' She chuckled. ''He'd probably spend over one hour pinning his head on the ground'' She made a morning joke for herself and grinned.

  She now had soap all over her bare body as she scrubbed everywhere she could reach. She reached for the shower switch and switched it on. Waster gushed out and she washed her face clean of soap. The showers suddenly stopped   releasing water. She looked up to face the shower head with a baffled look.

  ''Ha! Not today! Please.'' She  flicked the switch up and down as she jumped around in the bathroom. 

  ''I'm in soup!'' She lamented.

      Twenty minutes later, A lady ran up to join the line of new recruits standing at atention on the training ground. This particular unlucky lady was busy adjusting her khaki trouser while trying to pass the belt through the hole.

  ''You're late! Sergeant Shindara'' The luitenant barked out the obvious situation. All the new recruits turned to look her a dishevelled Shindara.

  Her hair was still wet and messy. Water trickled down her face freely. And her blue T-shirt was alread soaked at the neck with few drops of water here and there on it. She held her khaki trouser desperately to her waist to keep it from dropping. Her boots, well, imagine a tangled earpiece, that was how her laces were.

  ''I'm sorry sir'' She whispered

  'Unlucky girl. Only you came late'' She chided herself 'lets hope they use your gender to deal with you gently'

  ''Anyway! Fall in line.'' The luitenant brushed her case aside and every recruit looked at eachother with surprise. Was the luitenant getting soft? Or was it because she was a female? No! He'd always dished out the same punishments to both genders.

  Shindara who was still waiting for her punishment was surprised. He was letting her off the hook. For real! How sweet of him.

  ''We've ddecided to bring a very experienced soldier to  be one of your instructors and trainers. He's a man with high ranks in the army and I'm sure he will do a good job in disciplining you all and making you better soldiers. I present to you Luitenant general Henry'' The luitenant made a salute at the built man behind him and stepped aside for LT.G Henry to speak.

  Shindara saw him and knew he was trouble! His face reminded her of a song.

  'Boys are not smilling'.... 'But, he's cute' Shindara thought.
¬©Oluwafemi Stephen