matrulina peeped outside the wooden window, she watched the sunset and she envisioned how sheen the next day would look, she would be in Henry's arm, she was going to be getting married, she finally had ran away from home, alone with henry, they had few horse men escape with them, it would have been a secret wedding if there was no need for a run away plan. HELL NO!!!! hell will know, hell will break loose if king Edward knows his only daughter wants to spend the rest of her life with a nobody, not even the son of a knight, -he is a blacksmith's boy- her dad will say -you are not a steel, my love, you dont need to be sharpened- her dad's voice made ways into her head again and she could sense it, it was almost making her scared again.

"what's it" henry's voice reached her, she whirled around quickly, scared, her heart beat thumped faster. she placed her hands gently on her chest and she watched her love walk close to her, his hands went around her waist and she leaned freely on his chest, his lips went closer to her face and it laid gently on her fore head "I love you my princess" she smiled holding henry's tender hand she raced though his hairy hands with the tip of her finger, henry smiled, he wanted more. 

"I really do trust you henry. I ran away from home just to make this happen, you know father would never had let this happened at Levernuf." "I know" henry replied he turned her around, like he a piece of coin, looking her in the face "you trusted me with your life then I must protect you till my last breath has been taken away" "all this will end tomorrow, father cant stop us when the oath is done. you know that!".

just as they spoke, a mild sound broke out outside the cottage, henry pulled matrulina behind him, "go, go and hide your self". he pulled out his sword from his sheath and it glowed, he held it firm, pointed towards the door, his scared shadow was casted on the wall.

  The door flew opened and a tall man walked in, he was bald and he was in a sliver ammo with blood stain all over his face, he held his helmet in his hands, a scowl appeared on his face "deri what is it." henry inquired "pls speak" he wavered "they are here, our men are trying to stop them you need to secure the princess" "but ho..w .. coom.. m..e" he stammered "get the blood oath done now or run away with her" he returned his sword quickly in his sheath, he turned around to go look for the princess. 

he took few nippy steps forward when he he felt something hit him he whirled around feeling sharp pains in his back, then he saw deri lowered his bow, he feel to his kneel and his vision began to go blur then he fell face flat into the ground.


"wake up" tone of water splashed on henry's face he was quickened to life, he opened his eyes gently till he was fully aware of his surrounding, he had been tied to a tree, matrulina struggled on the other end to break free, a solider held her firm. henry heard sounds of woods getting compressed by fire, he looked to his right then he saw afar the cottage he had prepared for his wedding been burnt up "I will kill you, you bastard " he yelled, an elbow was sent into his mouth, knocking him off, blood splashed out, one more elbow might make all his tooth fall off, "one more word and you are dead" kelon whispered. "I have no problem with you running away with my sister" he said with a smile "you know it made things favour me. father now thinks matrulina is incompetent, blinded by love and that has made her very foolish" the soldiers who came with kelon triggered the atmosphere with laughter while henry snared "you don't talk to your elder sister that wa..." before matrulina could concluded her statement she had received a punch on her face from deri, she fell off her feet as her kneels went weak and she was pulled up again.

kelon beckoned to one of his soldiers to come closer, he whispered into his ear, then continued speaking "dear black smith, now you will be a Gold smith" he sighed "me, been the next king is in your power and I would love to trade for it." a sack was shoveled in his opened palm as he spoke "over here is 70 piece of Gold. I will let you run away with it" "dont, henry dont listen to him" an elbow was sent into the matrulina's belle to stop her from speaking " I love you henry dont do it, dont run away" she grunted in pain as she was knocked on her head again. "if you do it, I will be locked up for eternity. that money has been stolen from the king treasury, they will tell the king I stole it..." another punch drove toward her face and this time blood ran down her nose "dont listen to her" kelon protested he pointed the sack filled with gold at henry. "henry dont, I beg you, I love you" deri lifted up his hands to knock down matrulina once again when henry raised his voice "dont touch her....." an eerie hush was deposited in the atmosphere and it lasted a few seconds. "let me have the money" henry continued a grim flashed across his face. "loosen him" kelon ordered, henry was untied from the tree then he fell into the ground, he rested on his kneels and touched his hands feeling the sign the ropes left on them. "one more thing" henry looked up "tell her you don't love her" kelon muttered "I never did love her" henry raised his voice again, tears broke off matrulina eyes wetting the wounds she had sustain on her face, henry smiled again "thankz for been wise enough to trade with me" he let go of the sack and the gold fell into the ground, henry got busy picking up the piece of Gold one after the other while kelon and his men watched, all of a sudden he saw a shadow draw closer to him, he looked up, dismayed, matrulina was with a sword pointed at him, Then it dawned on henry that it had all been planned "so you said you love me because of money... position.. my father's Gold" tears fell off her cheek "noooo" henry retorted he attempted standing up but he was pulled to the ground by the fear of not cutting himself through matrulina's giant sword which was above him. "it is not what you....." his neck went off his head before he could tender an explanation, his body fell into the ground struggling as blood gushed out his neck like the west spring off it source. 

kelon touched his sister on her shoulder as she watched henry's body lay hopelessly on the ground, " I love you sister, and I will never let any man take away your heart, and I will never for once struggle, neither will i plan to take away your position. I will wait till you find the right man who will rule us all, been the husband of the first child according to tradition " kelon pulled matrulina closer he held her tight and he whisper "lets get back into the castle before father suspect we weren't out for hunting". 


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope