Saturday can’t come. 

She was getting married to one of the bad guys in town but now that he had turned good, she seems to have nothing to worry about. All he had done in the past were grievous  and un tellable. This had been the major thought blowing her up. Talk about betrayer, Adeleke can’t dare it. He might be a strong man, but she seems to have his heart. He had been locked in a chamber of love and imprisoned never to see the beauty of no other mortal woman. 

She had heard more than her ears could contain, how he once turned the whole street upside down.

 She got back from work and she tossed her suit on the couch. The most amazing thing was the fact that her wedding was tomorrow. There was nothing left to arrange. She had been planning this for three months now. 

Going to work on that day was important. She had to sign a contract and secure some deals. Though her family was sponsoring the wedding but it was nothing. 

She got into her car and it got heated. It wasn’t starting up then he suggested she had to use a cab. Right then she missed. Her family house was like an hour drive and she had to be there before 2pm to finalize some plans. Not knowing boys were waiting to catch up with her on the street. 

Ajanu the leader of the VELT gang already had men laid up in every corner, ready to strike. He had a long time beef with Adeleke. And it all was trigger five years ago when Adeleke set up boys to beat her sister. He had been sorting out ways to pay back and now it was time. His wife to be was the target. 

Boys monitored her movement on a bike knowing she would be making use of a cab to apply the main route bikes could pile.

They set her up in a cab and they manipulated her, getting drugs in spray and taking her to an isolated area.


 She woke up to the darkness of the night and the pain she felt breaking through her legs was un-bareable. She wasn’t a virgin but she knew a lot had gone through her. It looked like she had over five boys climb her. Her phone rang and she turned in search for it. It was an open  field and she caught the beam of the moon. It was her mother calling. They must have been worried. She felt something moving down her legs and when she reached it for a touch. she came up with blood. The pain was unbearable and the whole of her body began to curse. She had just been raped, and her wedding was tomorrow, Saturday. She leaned on her back as stream of tears flushed down her check and she wished Saturday would never come.       

©Godwin Okhuoya