Ride Along

Polka snatched his helmet off his sister grip. He adjusted the wooden framed glass standing on his nose and he glowered. 

"You are not coming with us." He said as he gathered all he was going with in his black dirty cross bag. He threw it around his neck and he smiled, delivering a gentle tap on the shoulder of his brother who looked huger than he was.

"Are you going to come with me for the display. or will you sit with her and sooth her." Polka said to Chill (chillopis).

"Nah." Chill said remorsefully looking his sister in the face. 

He rubbed His hairy head and he moved back into the house. He returned after 2 minutes. 

Polka sniffed and he glared. "You used my perfume." Polka moved closer to Chill hitting him on the chest with his fingers. 

Chill's tail rolled up and he flared. 

"Leave him. Will you two always fight." Their sister (Tera) interfered. She pulled Chill out of his presence and she pushed him to the front of the house. 

Chill grabbed a strong rope attached to the front of the house and he moved downward with it till he saw a branch in sight. He swung himself up and he grabbed the branch then he began to move forward with every branch he came across.

Polka emptied his bag on the ground and he began to check all that was earlier contained in it. 

"My hair brush?" He asked. 

Tera rolled up her tail as she moved away from him. "I don't know what you are talking" She mimicked Chill. 

Polka looked at her and he smiled. He pushed her away and he picked up his helmet. He wore it on and he locked it belt around his chin. 

"How do I look." 

"Like a monkey."

"I am a monkey."

"Do I look like a super cool monkey." 

"Yes you are bro." Tera replied, adjusting the tight fitted shirt his brother had on. She watched his toe hit the ground rapidly. 

"I look cool." 

"Yah. But no one will notice your face."


"You have an helmet on. Presided aie. Over 50 monkeys will be on display."

"On display. Because I didn't let you go doesn't mean You can seat here and talk shit."

"Exactly." Tera said firmly. "Exactly." She repeated. 

"You won't let me come along. I have gat stuffs too."

"Nah... You are not coming." Polka pushed her face away. He pulled off his helmet and he gathered all that he had dropped earlier on the floor into the bag and he threw it across his shoulder, and he leaped away from her. He got to the opened door and he sighted a picture hanging far away. His browned arched as he frowned. He took his eyes off it and he jumped down the tree house without the rope leading down. His hands clenched around a branch. He stayed there hanging and he looked back, his eyes caught his sister's sad gaze. 

He hates it so much when she frowns.

"I will be back in thirty minutes. If you make ready a Tigo. I will let you ride along." Polka cried. 

Tera nodded happily as she watched her brother move away from the house. 


"Tigo!! Tigo!!" Tera repeated as she plunged an hand full of berry into her mouth. She chewed and chewed and she spat out some part. She jumped down their house and she climbed up a tree to it peak, and she stood on the weakest branch. Now she had the over view of the whole town. 

She could hear her fellow monkeys screamed from the square and she wished she was with them. Not as spectators but as a participant she wanted to show her self to the royalties.

She looked down and she marked the whole trees around her. She knew if she could scale a bit further she would be in the Elephant zone. That zone everyone was cursed not to step into.

She didn't think about that. All she wanted was to be a part of the event and if she had a Tigo follow her home in 30 minutes her brother will let her come with him. 

She jumped down the tree, spinning in the air and she launched out her hands to grab a strong branch as she went down the height.

She kept on scaling the branches and she moved forward, having it in the mind that the Tigo zone was mile beneath her feet. She wanted a perfect spot where she could climb down and see what was happening down there.

She missed one of the branches and she went down towards the ground.

She tried to pick up another branch for a stand but it wasn't possible. Everything she tried holding broke and this made her fall more painful.

She crashed violently into the ground with so much dust deposited in the air. She could hear sounds of animals talking but she wasn't so sure she was admits the Tigos. She wiped her face with the back of her palm with her eyes closed.  

"Get out of my way." A loud voice hit her. She looked up and she saw a large feet coming against her head. She rolled off on the ground.

"Get off my way" another voice hit her. She rolled again quickly to the left and before she could get up to her feet she saw lots of elephant's coming against her.

She didn't know what was happening but she knew coming down to the Tigo zone was a dump Idea.


Chill looked up at the crowd who came around to watch them display. 

"Hey!!" He called polka.

"Are they all here to see us." 

"Shut up and let's go secure a ticket." Polka replied angrily. 

"I heard the royalties are here. Any human?"

"No.. The human's don't treat us well. Iugo has stopped the king from giving us out to them."

"But that was my dream I wanted to live with a human. I thought that was what this was all about."

"Shut up you" Polka faced chill his hands pinned on his chest.

"What ever idea you have, shovel it down your ass." Polka said angrily.

"Go stand there get us a ticket. We will put up a great performance and one of the royalties will notice us."

"Wait!! What do you mean notice us. Are we going home to be their slaves?" Chill asked

"Ooo shut up." Polka hit his head gently and he frowned, shaking his head.

"Any of them noticed you. You will be going home with her."

"Girl!!!" "Yeah for us. It will be a girl" 

"We!!!" Chill sighed.

"No not we. For goodness sake. We have over 10 royalties there. and just 90 monkeys demonstrating."

"Ohh. What if you demonstrate so well and still don't get picked."

"Shut up and go get us the ticket. They are starting already" Polka said pushing chill away.


"Hey don't step on me" Tera said angrily as she rolled out of death traps. She finally came to stop beside a shop there she sat on the floor resting on a wall as she took out breath of relief. 

Then reality was setting in, she knew she had fallen into one their major roads. 

She was sweating but it wasn't visible.

"Hey momma. See this, she has a gown on."

"Shhh" The other elephant sighed as she made her little baby focus on the road.

Tera frowned at her and she leaned on the wall again. She just wanted fresh air and she would climb back up to the monkey zone.

The wall she was resting on moved suddenly. Her heart splinted into two as she crashed into the ground. 

She looked up and she saw her eyes hitting the truck of a huge elephant. 

"A monkey? Wao!" The elephant said as he went over the monkey's face with his truck.

Tera tried all her best so she could keep the monkey's face off her mouth. 

She stood up looking like an irritated beans and she frowned, before she could say a word. The elephant was rushing her with a quick introduction.

"Hey I am Sam the Tigost. I am the smallest elephant with a store." Tera stopped listening to him and she looked up at the stature the elephant called smallest.

"I have been praying for just one customer for 5 months now. Finally you came. I don't care if you are a monkey."

"Hey I am not a monkey. My name is Tera." She snapped in.

"OK Tera." The Elephant held her hands with his truck and he pulled her into his store. 

He talked and talked and talked, sooting her into buying at least one thing. And he kept on describing every of his item one after the other. 

"Wait. I will buy down your store."

The elephant stopped talking as he gave Tera a shocking gaze.

"You will buy down my store" Sam repeated, a slight hike in his pitch.

"If you would help me." 

"What is that. Tell me. I can kill my self for this. No I can't...but. I can. What do you want me to do."

"Relax." Tera said as she rolled her eyes. 

"A female have not done this to me before." Sam said looking her eyes. 

"Who told you I am a female."

"Your gown." Sam replied, making Tera looked down on her gown. 


"You should get down now." Sam said at the top of his voice. 

He looked up and his eyes picked the motion of a rope attached to a long house, built on a tree. The house was made out of straws and bamboo.

"House on trees." He said aloud then he nodded negatively. He looked down and in a blink. He heard a shrilling sound coming at him.

"outttttttttttttttttttttttt" He heard faintly and before he knew what was happening,Tera was slipping down his face. 

Then he knew she was intending to say watch out. He must missed the 'WATCH'

"Let's go." Tera said, stretching her hands to him. 

"Put me up. We are late. You will have to ride along with me. We need to be in the Square before the sun goes down. My brother didn't come home."

"Ride along with you to where? What about my store?" 

"When we are done. I am buying it down" She winked as she watched Sam's truck come for her arms. 


A tall monkey with a long head hit his arms against an arm chair made out of bamboo. 

"He fell again." He said as he watched two monkeys struggling. One was trying to carry the other on his shoulder and walk a distance. 

The Tall monkey looked to the left and he smiled seeing three female monkeys on his left enjoying the display. 

-They love it.- He thought. He folded his hands against his chest as he heard the crowd boo again. 

" Next he yelled." Standing off the chair he sat on. He was the royalty in control of the event. The square went silent as 3 monkeys escorted two monkeys who were earlier displaying, out of the play ground. 

Polka wore his helmet and he sent his elbow gently into the side of Chill. 

"We are next." He said firmly as he caught a signal from one of the monkeys on guard for them to move in. 

Chill reduced his height and he helped up Polka on his shoulder.

Polka stood up on Chill's shoulder and he began to wave. The whole troop began to clap knowing they would fall soon. No one had reach the end of the court all day.


"Hide here in the leaves." Tera whispered to sam as she jumped down and she moved forward. After a minutes she showed up in front of Five male monkeys who had spares made out of woods and sharp stones. 

"Can I go in" She said with her eyes rolling.

She could hear them snare.

"Leave her." One of them said from behind. She looked up at him and she flashed a glad smile. 

"No lady is allowed here except a royalty. Pls go home." The monkey said politely. She looked at him angrily for some few seconds then she backed off without saying a word. They kept their eyes on her till she vanished into the bush.

"I have a better plan. They won't us in through the gate."

Tera explained to Sam when she got back to him.

"I don't break rules." Sam said.

"Bringing you here breaks every rule." Tera replied.


Polka looked down and all of a sudden he became scared of the height. It was unlike climbing branches. He trusted the branches than Chill's shoulder. He had practiced several times but his distrust for chill was opening door was fear.

The troops had already started counting down. They were few meters close to the end of the ground. 

"5-4-3" Polka went off balance there. The whole crowd booed and they stopped counting. 

" Drop him down." Someone said amidst the troop.

All of a sudden there was an outbreak of noise from the troops. Chill turned around and polka fell off his shoulder. "Nooooo!" He yelled as he rushed off the track. He could see an elephant bursting into the ground breaking down the short fence made out of woods that ran around the court. 

"Throw me." Tera whispered to sam.

"No" sam replied as he moved closer to the gathered troops.

"Tigo!!!!!" They all yelled at once, catching their breath. 

"No way" "Get him out of here" "Noooooo" Monkeys yelled fearfully. 

Sam could see Monkeys coming close to him with spears in their hands. 

"Take him down." The tall monkey with the long head cried out from his seat.

"Tell them not to touch me." Sam said hurriedly as he moved backward towards the fallen part of the wooden fence. 

He had not taken three steps when he felt Tera was jumping off his back. 

He threw up his truck towards her direction and he caught her foot with her head close to the ground. 

The whole noise in the square stopped and they focused on Sam. Now they were forced to notice he had a monkey on him. 

"Tera!!" Polka called softly from where he fell.

Tera began to laugh and the whole troop kept quite for a longer period. 

"Throw me back and move." Tera whispered to sam.

Sam restored her quickly to his back and before he could warn her not to jump down. She jumped again. He caught her, this time she was a bit far away from the ground.

"Wao" The monkeys exclaimed feeling tensed and surprised. 

The monkeys with the spears could not also help but watch. 

Sam and Tera kept on displaying in the court and they took the eyes of the monkeys watching, up and down. 

They were scared Tera might  hit the ground and they were surprised the Tigo wasn't missing her. 

"Amazing!! One of the female royalties said aloud involuntarily. 

"Throw me." Another female monkey screamed from the royalty stall. The whole square went silent and everyone could hear his neighbour breathe. Sam also stopped moving with his truck wrapped around his Tera's leg.

"Throw me too." "Throw me too" Throw me too" Every female monkey in the royalty stalk began to scream and in a blink they were forcing their ways out to access the ground.

The monkey with the long head whisked as he noticed a guard's lips moving closer to him.

"Won't you stop them." The monkey with the spear whispered. 

The longed headed monkey pulled him closer by the neck and he whispered back to him.

"Who is that chick on the elephant. She is so cool." The guard gave a surprised look and he sighed as his neck was freed. 

The whole troop were on their way to met sam for a throw. Chill and Polka were those Tera's eyes searched for.

"Hey. Don't forget my shop." Sam said looking up.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya