I wouldn’t tell another lie, this is just too complex to define. I mean what I am doing right here and why I am seated right here. Forget the fact that I love this girl, watching her preach in a court room is so so out of it. Did I say preach. Yeah! I did. I don’t know any other name to give this boring conversation. 

I adjusted myself in my fitted suit and I suppressed a smile. The lady on my right was staring. Hasn’t she seen a guy as cute as I am? Tina never said I was cute. But my mirror would never lie. Now I was going to propose just after the court whatever, I forgot what it ought to be called. 

I watched her pounce her fist lightly on the table and I beamed. I loved that. She stood up in objection and I tend to watch every word drop out of her lips. She was going to win this case and I was going to propose right after the whole show. 

I was this crazy guy who began to stock her two years ago. I managed to be her friend and now we got so close that we had began to go out. But she had never seen me like this. I mean in something like this terrible blue fitted suit that was squeezing sweat out of my soul. 

Tina eventually loosed the case and I waited outside the court, watching the room get filled up by new set of people. She was in a black gown and the brown wig looked horrible on her. 

I dialed her line and I waited aside my glowing red Lexus Jeep. It spent three solid days in the car wash though. She never knew I had a car. She knew me to be a regular boy who loved her. Times she was around to visit. I always had it staged. 


“Hey what’s up?” Her voice was dazzling. 

I smiled, preventing my keys from dangling any further as I squeezed it in my hard palm.

“Missed you.”  

“I know. You don’t have a choice.”

“Don’t start.” I frowned. She was always pissing me off with that word. Though I had so many competitors but she loved me more. Because I was humble, kind, hardworking and handsome, I suppose. But I had always appeared to be broke. Just like every hustling guy. 

“Baby! I came over to say hi.” 

“Where are you.” I smiled, watching her from where I stood. She was unaware of my presence. 

I dropped my car key down my pocket. And I awaited her to turn around; after I had told her I was behind her. 

I waved her as she whirled around and she moved closer smiling. 

Acting like I was just waiting beside someone else’s car, we began to talk. She didn’t notice I owned the car. A green pencil camry pulled up right beside us and the only person I had least expected to see climbed down. Ibrahim. I sighted his thick moustache and chunky beards and that made me furious. She stopped talking to me and they began to talk. God! I was isolated. I felt bad and stupid. The sweat was much and I completely looked ridiculous in the suit. 

I tried calling her attention after ten minutes and all I got were harsh words from Ibrahim. 

“Don’t you have manners?” Ibrahim said and she laughed. 

I went mute suppressing my anger with a frown. I was darn mad and I sorted out for a way to revenge. 

“Alex, you can go home. We would see some other time.” She stopped in between her conversation with Ibrahim and she said to me. 

I nodded and minutes later I sighted a cute little girl walking hands in hands with her mother. I went on one kneels when they got close, creating a scene. I slipped my hands into my suit and I withdrew a white plastic case. I flipped off a clip lock and I revealed a Gold ring. Then no one was moving. I did notice everyone had their eyes on me. 

“It’s a gift from me sweety.” I said as I maneuvered the ring in her hands and I ignored whatever her mother was going to say. I withdrew my keys and I thumbed a button, pointing at my car. A beep evolved and I yanked open the door, climbed in and I zoomed off. I would have proposed to Tina that afternoon. But It all went down, never to be appear amidst my second thought. Then I learnt she was up for materials. I looked promising, hustling and hardworking but she wanted someone who was already made. She would have been my wife, if I hadn’t played the test game. 

If I hadn't run the test, I might have married the wrong lady.

©Godwin Okhuoya