Pranks from a crush 

Bimbo watched the sparrow in a close range as she moved her hands brushing the rails. She held her camera close with her cross bag hanging down her side. 

She reached out into the bag and was quick with the extension. She made a quick click and after five shots she stopped. The bird was already out of sight. She checked the pictures as she navigated through her gallery. Her tongue reached out to her lips as her busy hands handled the camera.

 She was going to send it to the content creator at Pontus magazine and get few bucks off it if it matches a good content. 

Her friend had told her about the sparrows hovering that spot and she had always take out time to come take a shot. Now it was over 5days and she was finally there. 

"Nice one." That was Femi's voice, she recognized it and she would have, even in a dark vacuum. She whirled around with the shock and her jaw flew apart. 

Femi was quick to help her with her camera. He had made sure it didn't reach the ground. 

"Sorry about that." He said quickly, admitting he had surprised her and he went on into asking why she was all alone in his street alone on a roof top. 

He was this strange guy who had once worked at one agency with Bimbo. He had this charming smile and above all, his determination and commitment was enough to lay a strong hold in the heart of any lady. He was tall and he looked ruthless. You could tell with the way he took task and the way he executed assignments. Bimbo changed church last September and that made what she felt for him grow stronger. They saw each other every Sunday and Wednesday. Their new church had brought them together. She found herself not being able to look pass him. She wanted her eyes on his every movement and at times she found herself stalking him, mining on every of his activities in church. She kept a close eyes on him and when she knew he wasn't married yet. She felt she could be the Lucky lady. They had not said pass HI and Good morning. They only talked once and it was after a Sunday school session on a cold morning. 

"Tell me what you are thinking about." He held her hands, and she shook it off in a shrug then he reached out for her hands again. 

"There is something I have been wanting to tell you." He said and her long face brightened. She went a long way into guessing, but she could not help asking why. Like she had been awaiting something. 

"You won't freak out if I tell you this?" He asked and he got a negative nod. 

"No I won't freak out! Why should I freak out. Come-on tell me anything." She could force the words out of his mouth, but that would never go well. 

He pulled her closer and he stared into those brown eyes of hers. His hands behind her as he laid it conveniently behind her. 

"Good afternoon!" He let out the cold words and she acted like she had heard nothing. 

Was that the something he had wanted to say, or she had over anticipated what he would have said. She felt like a perfect idiot. She could not hold back her anger and her urge to strangle him as he said jokingly. 

"I just pranked you."

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya