Party crush

I got the IV late, but i had to attend the Blow party. I just arrived Ondo some weeks ago. This would  be my first party in the month of October. I wanted to see a lot of old friends, pals and enemies. They would all be in attendance. -Since my X broke up with me i had been searching earnestly for a replacement. But I have failed to secure one.- 

I told mum i would be going for a vigil. I never wanted her to raise her brow. With my mind locked up around a decision not to get drunk so i wont be caught. I took going to the party as a yes. I decided not to have a sip of anything. I trekked the long and rough road in the dark till i reached the main road, where i could waved down a bike to underground bar where the party would be holding. I just had to endure the trekking.  I actually enjoyed every bit of it. 

I got to that dark part of my street, where i heard moaning behind my street's old transformer. -That transformer had been installed when i was a kid. It was a spot for crazy stuffs.- 

The bike dropped me in yaba, then i climbed down, paid the bike man off and i entered the bar appreciating the noisy atmosphere.

I had met a friend who was ready and eager to take me around. Right then I spotted one hot chick, calmly seated  in one corner of the bar. She had a bottle of trophy in front of her, and her face was trapped in the light of her phone. I tapped dele(The good friend who was taking me around to see, those i really wanted to see) showing her the girl. He ignored me and we moved on.

After my long tour around the bar. Now i had almost greeted every one in the bar, including the bar man. It was great and it was fun filled. I never thought i would every see all those i saw. 

Some few minutes after 12. My gaze brushed her face again from afar, and i summoned up courage to approach her.  which i finally did. I pulled away the chair in front of her, creating a mild sound. She looked up at me half startled. Her wide cheek and pointed chin took me off, her small eyes and her small lips made my heart shrink. She was on a low cut. Her fair complexion was my taste.

   Thank goodness the sound had reduced now. The dj was trying to pass some messages across and i could at least hear my self now. "Femi" i said offering her my hands for a shake and I asked for her name.

That was the way i tied her down with my long talk, Nailed in topics after topics, and i got to know who she truly was in a couple of minutes. She smiled every time she tried to express her self. Then i concluded she couldn't live without a smile. 

30 minutes had passed and it was like we kicked it up few minutes ago. She laughed out when i asked about her relationship. "Boyfriend!!" She replied with a change in her tone. I adjusted my sitting position, leaning backward as i prepared my way to be smashed with surprise.. "I don't have one" She replied. A blot of relief ran through my vein, my lung could testify as i whisked. I was getting close a bit. I would sound dangerous if i bursted her up with the question i had in my head so i asked her about something simpler. "Can i have your digit" "Sure" She replied as she rolled her eyes, letting me in into her shy nature. "0-8-1-3-6-7..." I typed her number on my phones screen as she called and the very moment she stopped calling i sensed i had 11 digit already then i saved it up with "Party Crush."

I liked everything about her. The way she speaks, the way she drinks, the way she smiles, even the way she breaths. I looked up at her with an attempt to push the conversation a few meters forward when i heard someone shout my name from the left. I turned around, my face carried an heavy bag of surprise as the only part hosting my head turned to the left so i could get a visual feed. 

I got up straight away and i walked up to the slim man in a Black Nairabet Tshirt and a brown chinos trouser, with a chunky moustache stocked under his nose. 

"Bro tobi" I hailed, he smiled, smashing his thick palm on mine. I had not seen him in a while. So i asked all i wanted to till he dropped me a shell. "Are you also on her" He asked. "Who?" i fired back with a question, a frown taking root on my face, I was curious. "That babe now" He pointed to her with his face, backed up with a wink. "I just met her today" i replied, "Ohh, She is the new fish in town." "Fish!!" My eyebrow raised forming an arch. "Don't tell me you have fallen for her oo".

I knew who bro tobi was. He had laid all the girls i knew him with. He must be lying, he must have a second plan. He looked me with a detached smile like he knew what I had in mind. "Sheyb. You have her number now." He asked, then he continued looking through his phone. "Let me show you something" He said. I dug my hands into my pocket looking on easy. I stared at her with the corner of my eyes. "Yes" he said finally, i moved closer to him, my face on his phone screen as he pulled out a whats app chat. "His this not her name" "Yeah" I replied. A scowl appeared on my face and it grew thicker as i read their chats. Bro tobi's chat just dictated he had sex with my party crush 3days ago. "I told you. Do you believe now." I brought out my phone as he spoke and i dug out her number. It was fresh. It was still on my dialled list. Bro tobi knew what i was up to. He knew i wanted to confirm if it was truly my crush's number. I felt a flush in my vein as Bro tobi flashed me a smile. "Dont tell me. You wanted to have something serious with her. I also did crush on her the first day I met her. It was also in a party like this." He said again with a tap on my shoulder. "You still have a lot to learn" He said again, then he motioned me to follow him. 

©Okhuoya Temitope