Other side of love Eps26

Dan got home some few minutes to Five. He gave his mum all the necessary report and he helped her with some few stuffs. He stayed with her for another hour, discussing. Then he told her about his intention to go visit Louis. The look in his mum’s face was a no. But he went on soothing her to agree with him.

After another round of interesting talk. Kate allowed him to go over to see Louis. She felt he knew what he was doing.

“Come home soon, or will you be staying over?” Kate had asked. Dan smile was the response. 

Dan drove immediately to Louis apartment without forwarding her a call. He thought catching up with her unexpectedly was going to be fun. 

Dan knocked on her door, expecting to see her started face. He knew she would have heard the sound of his car. “Welcome.” Louis said curtly. Her face looked angry as she stepped out of the way for Dan to come in. Dan walked pass her and he walked straight into her living room. Louis followed him not saying a word. She sat beside him and she looked him in the face, her fingers locked into each other. 

“I am thirsty, the road was dry.” Dan said jokingly assuming nothing was wrong. Louis stood up and she walked towards a small fridge in the living room, positioned in a corner. If you had walked into the room, for the first time you would never spot the fridge. She withdrew a bottle water from the fridge, dusted a tray on the fridge with a napkin. Then she knew she would have to reach her dinning table for a cup. 

Dan monitored her movement around the living room and he smiled. He noticed Louis was avoiding an eye contact, he knew, it was about the scene he bursted into that afternoon. 

Louis delivered a glass cup into his hands, forsaking the tray. She turned into the cup, water from the bottle she had in her hands and she watched him gulp it. 

“About what happened this evening.” Louis began. Dan took his lips off the cup and he gave Louis a cold stare. “Any explanation?” Dan asked. He delivered the cup into her hands. He watched Louis settle the cup and the plastic bottle on the glass center table and he waited for her to seat beside him. 

“Baby…” “It is not what you think.” Dan intruded. He sealed his mouth, pressing his lips against each other and he smiled. Louis sighed and as she was about to relay on him, her explanation, he spoke up again. “You get angry over irrelevant things. You spoked every of my addiction. You spend my money and you take away my time. Louis. My time” Dan pointed to his chest as he was saying. "If I did all that for you. Why wont I believe your words.” Dan said. This time the hook in his voice had dropped.

Louis stared at him blindly, not believing what she had just heard. "Come on smile baby. I trust you so much.” Dan continued touching her cheeks. 

Everything Dan did was suspicious, every of his words hurted her. He wasn’t letting her explain her self. He just kept ignoring the issue. They were eating dinner some few minutes past Nine. When Dan broke the silence again.

“So what do you think about us. What if I quite this relationship.” Louis looked up at him. Her eye brown formed an arc and she wanted to burst out on him. 

“ I am just saying. Cox I don’t know how I will feel if you go away from me.” Sam continued. He forced a smile at Louis and he could sense she was getting nervous. 

Dan picked up his phone the moment he was done with his meal and he dialed his mum line.

 “Hello mum.” 

“Sweety. How is the date going.”

“Fine, mum. Have you eaten.”


“Called to tell you that I wont be home tonight.” Dan sighed.

“What is wrong. Hope there is no problem.” Katie’s voice came over.

“Nothing is wrong. See you tomorrow mum.” “But…” Dan ended the call and he turned off his phone. He smiled as he watched the deserted look on Louis's face. 


Sam sat behind his small dinning table, he pushed away his plate and he picked up his phone. He dialed Sunny's number and he waited patiently until he heard Sunny voice. 


“Good evening. Sleeping already?” Sam asked. He whisked and he let out a soft cough. 

“No.” Sunny replied curtly. “ I have gotten facts. Dan is not Femi Badmus, Biological son. But he is Kate’s biological son.”

“Noted” Sam replied. 

“What about the suspect’s conversations I asked you to work on.”

“I am almost done. Lets see tomorrow morning.”

“Fine.” Sam ended the call and he dropped his phone. He pulled back his chair, stood up, and he made his way to his small living room. He walked towards a switch fixed on the wall. He pressed a button on it and the light in the room dimmed. He repressed the same button and the room went dark. He moved in the dark and he made his way to the couch. He laid on it grabbed the remote control on it and he pressed a button on it, pointing it at the t.v. One of his hobbies was watching movies in the dark.

©Okhuoya Temitope