Other side of love eps24

Dan sat in his living room. He held his phone tight and he glared. He had just hired a private investigator to dig out some stuffs for him. He felt his mum was telling him what he needed to know, but he wanted to know what he needed not to know.

“Solomon Ajayi. This is Daniel Badmus.”

“Hello.” The voice answered. 

“It is Daniel. Daniel Badmus.” 

“Good morning Mr Badmus.” The voice said dryly. “I am so sorry, I didn’t save your number on this phone. Yeah....Concerning that issue...I think it is positive. But I will give you a call back, when I have solid proof. I haven't gotten one yet."

"Fine.” Dan said.

“We cant just conclude because of their marriage certificate and your birth Certificate. But I would suggest you do a DNA test.” 

“If I wanted that done. I wouldn’t have hired you.” ”I understand.” The voice said softly. 


“Mr Ajayi. Have a nice day. Call me when you get some information for me.” Dan  said and he ended the call. 


Louis sat in her office, disturb. She didn’t know what the problem was. Her phone beeped and she picked it up. It was a text from Dan. “DINNER AT YOUR PLACE TONIGHT.” The text said. She looked across the room at sam’s face. 

“Are you done with the MTEG files.” ‘No.” Dan replied curtly.” He faced his laptop and he kept on typing. “Almost done. I should be done in 10 minutes time.” Sam added. He picked up the worried look on Louis face and he noticed it was alarming. 

“Have you gone to see Kate.” 

“No. May be today. I should go see her after work.”

“Fine.” Louis said softly.

She looked at him and she felt something was wrong.

“Why haven’t you gone to see her all this while.”

“Nothing. Have always been busy.” Sam replied. This got Louis startled. She dropped her pen and she focused her gaze on him.

“What do you do after work.”

“Nothing.” Sam answered curtly. He never thought about his reply.

“Then you should have gone to see her. Do you have anything against Dan.”

“No, I don’t have a reason to.” Sam answered, his hands off his keyboard as he adjusted his wrist watch. 

“Do you know he is my Boyfriend.” Louis continued. Now sam was letting go of all he had his hands on and he was ready for a discussion. 

“I never knew you guys were on a date. Is there any problem?”

“No.” Louis lied. Sam caught that immediately. He pushed back his chair and he stood as he moved towards Louis table. Her gaze trailed him and she began to wander what he was up to. 

“You don’t look to good when you lie, Mar.” Sam said as he picked up her hands in his across the table. 

The door flew opened. Sam turned around, shocked. His eyes caught the figure of a man standing in the door way. It was Dan. Louis heart hammered faster she knew she was in real trouble. She had collected her hands from Sam’s hands, but Daniel’s name was out of the reach of her lips.

“I wanted to see if everyone is working. And as I can see, you guys are really working. Are you trying to hand over a document. Oh” Dan teased as he took slow steps towards them. 

Dan scoffed, looking Louis in the face. “I can explain.” Sam said quickly. His eyes widen as it came across Dan’s warning finger. “I don’t need an explanation man” Dan said touching Sam’s shoulder. 

“Baby.” Louis called softly. Her fingers close to her lips. 

“I am fine” Dan said quickly and he made his ways out of the office.

“Get prepared. I am coming over tonight, and I am staying over.” Dan said, holding on to the door then he shut the door close.  

©Okhuoya Temitope.