Other Side Of Love Eps8

Dan stood in front of Louis door. He knocked for the second time and he looked back at the gateman coming to meet him. He climbed down the short tied step and he moved closer to the gateman. "You can't pack here" Said the gateman. Pointing to Dan's black High lander Jeep. "I won't be staying long" he was saying as he dug his hands into his pocket. He brought out his wallet and out of it, he slipped a One thousand naira note. He handed it over to the gateman. Whose mood had changed. A thick smile on his face as he stowed away the money in his pocket. "Thank you ogar" The gateman said, walking back to his post. Dan turned around quickly as he heard someone pull off the locks on Louis door. He looked up at her and he smiled. 

"Baby" he said, he held her hands and he looked her in the face. His eyes met hers. She took a hard breathe and she frowned, breaking her hands free of his. "Dan!! You smoked again?" "Baby" He forced out a smiled as he planed a defence. "I didn't ..." "No Dan. Don't even lie I can smell it all over you." "Yeah!!! I did. Can I at least come in." He walked pass her and he stepped into the passage. The first door on the left was to her living room. He walked in straight away. He had the map of Louis apartment in his head. 

Dan sank into one of her chairs. His eyes on the the black plasma T.V fixed to the wall. He sighed, watching Louis stare at him. Her hands crossed against her chest. "M sorry babe" He pleaded. He loved her and he was going to do all he had to keep her. Her beauty had kept him on his toes for so long. He was never going to stop begging if that was going to make her smile, and always forgive him. 

"Babe, honestly I can write you an undertaken. I won't smoke again. pls" He stood up, drew closer to her and he embraced her. "No, sweet. you know I just don't like it." "I know you don't. But you like me." She pulled him slightly away so she could look him in the face. Those charming eyes of his made her smile. "I don't love you" She chuckled. "I know you do." He said again. Locking his hands in hers. He could feel something was wrong. Her temperature said it all, but before he could ask. His phone rang out. 

Dan whisked, looking his phone in his face. "Mum" He whispered as he picked up the call. 

"Yes mum...Not at all...OK.....Give me 10 Minutes." Dan ended the call and he smiled. "Mum needs to see me now. Seems it is important." "OK, cool. So are you leaving now." "Yeah. I will call you when I get home." Dan said, holding her hands tight. Louis felt relived as she blushed, It was a quick one. Dan was never going to suspect she had a man locked up some where inside her house. He was going to break up the very moment, he knows that. He would think she was cheating.

Louis saw him off. she stood in the door way and she waved at him, while he put the car in reverse and he drove carefully out of the compound. 

Louis turned around quickly. She just heard something. She walked through the passage and she made it for the kitchen where she had heard the sound. No one was going to get out through her kitchen door without her noticing. She got to the kitchen and she was a bit tensed., She saw foot prints all over her tied floor. The intruder must have been in, through the back door. Her kitchen door was slightly opened and that said a lot more. She heard another door open inside her apartment, and she whirled around with her soul sinking into the ground.

©Okhuoya Temi tope