Other Side of love Eps34

Sam sat in the same car with sunny and he smiled. John just cracked an healthy joke. 

"So who owns the company now." Sunny asked.

"Louis."John replied. 

"Right now, I really think this whole struggle wasn't for the country."

"Yeah, I am trying to see that too. Get me a binoculars" Sam replied john.

"Any way. You got it both ways. You impressed the country and you impressed the girl." Sam gave a positive nod listening to John. He shrugged and he flashed a smile. 

"Will sunny be getting a promotion." 

"I will be deciding that, john." Sam flashed a smile at sunny.

"What's your problem, G" Sam fired john.

"I think you have a call." Sunny said. 

Sam picked up his phone and warned John and sunny to be silent. 

"Babe. You got that." Sam said into the phone's mouth piece. "Loud speaker." Sunny whispered. Sam placed the phone on loud speaker and Louis voice came off, loud and clear. 

"I got the flowers. What are they for."

"I am courting you." Sam said confidently.

"Are you kidding me?" Louis voice held down a note of surprise. 

John and sunny had already started clapping and screaming. "Say yes!!! Say yes!!!"

The end

©Okhuoya Godwin