Other side of love Eps33

Dan Climbed down the bike that brought him. The rider had pulled over few meters away from James house. His phone beeped. It was a call from Sunny. He picked it up and he whispered as he moved closer to the house. "How far." "We got there late sir. He is dead, and we saw no sign that might help us to track the killer. 

Sam ended the call quickly and he slipped the phone into his pocket. He had just heard a gun shot in James compound. He heard another one and then another. He pulled out his gun and he moved hurriedly towards James gate. Dan's car had been parked out side. 

He waited for over five minutes till he heard voices in the compound. He knew what he was doing. Whosoever was dead in there was dead and what would be next was how to save the next victim- Sam thought. He knew James would be the victim. No doubt, he must not have expected Dan's visit. 

"He came with a car sir." Sam heard someone spoke loudly in the compound. "Open up the gate" Sam heard James ordered. 

He moved towards the car trunk, slipped out of his pocket a bunch of key and he studied the lock hole. He drove one of the keys at the lock hole.

The gate opened up and James moved towards Dan's car. He pulled the door opened and he started the car's engine. "Bastard" He yelled as he fired out of the street. He knew Dan was going to find out one day. He never thought it would be today. It all paid him. No one was going to drag the land with him after today. because he was going to kill the last person who knew about it, Louis.


James packed inside Louis compound and he took out time trying to locate her apartment. He found it after about two minutes and he approached her door for a knock. 

"Mr James." Louis exclaimed, revealing so much shock as she held on to the door.

"If someone had told me you will be visiting me today I won't believe it." 

"Can I come in." James said curtly with a smile hanging on his face. 


Sam laid silently in the car's trunk. Several attempt to reach Louis had failed. She wasn't picking up. He tried her line again and this time he was lucky. His call was picked. "Hello Louis were are you." Sam said as sweat ran into his mouth from the side of his lips.

"Hello lover boy." James voice struck sam. "Where are you. I am not sure you can save your baby girl this time around." "Bastard. I will kill you." 

"You cant officer. I am.."

"I am coming for you." Sam intruded as he ended the call. He pushed open up the trunk and he climbed out of it quietly.  

He knew walking through Louis front door was no option. It would have probably been locked. 


James held a gun at Louis who he had tied to an arm chair. A black tape was on her mouth so she won't be screaming out his ear drums. 

"I won't have to kill you with a gun like I killed your boyfriend. Oh, I didn't murder him. It was self defence. I have your lover boy running here straight away and guess what. I am going to kill him right in your eyes." James said. He watched Louis struggle to pass across some message but that was impossible. He already had her mouth taped. 

A sound came from the kitchen door and that made James whirl around. He knew someone was creeping in already. Whosever it was. He was going to take down. He held out his gun and he moved towards where he had heard the sound. 

He walked through the dim lighted hallway and he glanced quickly at the opened doors leading to rooms on both side of the hall way. He had no idea where the kitchen was but he knew it should be the at the end of the hallway. A figure

creep out behind him and he caught it's shadow. He shoot at it blindly and he didn't stop till he was out of bullet. He dropped his gun confidently knowing no one had heard the sound off his silent pistol. 

James approached the two opened doors with his fist tightened. One on the left the other on the right. He knew the man he had picked up his shadow must have slipped into one of the rooms. He peeped into the fist room and before he could draw in his next breath. He sensed a power fist coming for his face. He tilted his head to the left and he grabbed the arm. The room was dark. The windows had been shut close and the curtains had been drawn. The light from the hallway couldn't cover the room.

James attempted twisting the arm he caught but he felt a force was holding it firm. now he was fully aware he was fighting a man. But he knew not who he was. 

He tightened his fist quickly and he swung it at the man's face. He missed and he got an elbow sunk in his face in return. James fell face flat and he held his nose. Knowing fully well that fighting in the dark wasn't on his C.V he took crawling out of the dark room as an option.

Sam went after him quickly and he held on to his feet in an attempt to stop him. 

James jerked his free foot at Sam, but it wasn't worth it. It ended up in Sam's grip and that helped sam pulled back James into the dark room. 

James got up to his feet briskly and before he could make any move Sam's head was smashing his. James could sense blood running out of his nose, but deep down. he knew he was going to win the fight. He slipped out of his suit a fixed knife and before he could take a aim. He felt a hand reaching out for his neck, twisting it to the left. The little light that entered the room from the hallway must have fallen on the knife, keeping sam aware of danger.

Easy- Sam thought as he walked out of the dark room. He made his way to the living room and his gaze caught that of Louis as he stood in the door way. Those eyes of hers, held him down and he was motionless. He could not see her lips but right in his head he pictured out it shape. 

©Okhuoya Temitope