Other Side of Love Eps32

Solomon summoned up more courage as he stepped into the uncompleted building on his right. Fectors of smoke filled the air and soon, it was forcing it ways down his lungs. 

He trusted his hands into his pocket and he took slow step forward till he was close enough to the tattooed guy standing close to the window. 

The guy turned around and he smiled. "Solo" The guy said jokingly. He drove an half burnt cigar stick towards his mouth and he extracted smoke off it with the whole of his strength. 

"Do you know him now." Solomon said pointed a drawing sheet with the image of a snake towards the guy.

"Just one person has this exact type of tattoo in Lagos."The guy said. He smiled and he blew smoke into the roof. 

"If I am to agree that I know this guy. That's fifty thousand naira. If i tell you all he had done that is related to the case you are working on. That will be One hundred thousand naira. And if I tell you who sponsored all those jobs that are tied to you. That is Two hundred thousand naira." Solomon replied with a positive nod, then he said it from the side of his mouth. "Go on." 

The guy laughed as he studied the image in the sheet. "This man is my guy and after all I will tell you today. You might probably beg me to help you kill him. Cox no one else in lag can take out this man silently. So, for I will be betraying my friend your pay is Two hundred and fifty thousand naira." 

"Skoro. You know what I do for a living, this is not my work. I am just digging out stuffs for someone." "I know. But I will advice you to let me take out this guy for you. Smooth and clean." The tattooed guy paused, his hands close to his lips. "I will take him out for free just pay me Two hundred." 

"That's way too much." Solomon intruded. The look on Skoro's face made him shut up. "You know it well that no one else can give you the kind of information I provide in Lagos. Why do you tink I go the nick name, Eyes. It is because I see everything. Do you know how hard I had to work to provide you all the information I will be telling you today. Count it Solo. Its been 4Days, you sent me this image. So why did I have to fix today. If I got  all you had to know in my head. I would have sent you a voice note instantly." Skoro smiled looking up at Solomon. "I worked hard to get this infos. I won't take anything less than Two hundred K pls." 


Solomon climbed up into his car. He picked up his phone and he forwarded a call to Dan straight away. "Where are you." Solomon asked drily. 

"Avoiding the media." Dan replied, his voice pronounced the thick frown on his face. 

"Listen to me Dan. I think you were too fast. You shouldn't have touched Kate." 

"Oh, are you advising me now." 

"No I am not, Listen to me Dan. James killed your Dad. James killed your ex. James killed the woman in the hotel. James killed Louis's friend." There was a thick silence from the other end but that didn't stop him from speaking on. 

"James wanted the land. He framed up your mother by introducing the snake tattooed guy to her. He was the one who advice her about getting sam's picture with Louis. He told her the tattooed guy could do a clean and perfect job. He had this whole shit planned a long time ago, and if something is not done. He will kill you and Louis." "Louis!!!" Dan repeated. "Yeah Louis. Oh.... I haven't told you, now Listen, Louis is your half sister." The line went off. Solomon smiled, it was intentional. He wanted a call back. Soon his phone rang again. "Will you be real quick and stop panicking. See I know of a guy who can take out this snake tattooed guy silently..... You know I don't want to get involved in this.....Fine...I will send you his number." 


Sam walked into john's living room. His gaze fell on john and sunny. They gave him a cold stare expecting he would say something. "Where is your phone." 

"Switched off." Sunny replied. 

"Well Sewa just called me. Dan is about to take down James and he is heading his house right away."

"Why!!" Sunny asked. But the look Sam gave him was a reflection of stupidity. 

"I will send you an address now. Go there and stop another murder. Remember the guy with the snake tattoo, the very one I told you, had me ambushed that night and forced me to go visit Louis that morning."

"Yeah." Sunny replied with a nod as john crossed his hands against his chest. 

"He is about to go down." 

 Â©Okhuoya Temitope