Other Side Of Love EPs 31.

Sunny walked into john's living room. A phone in his hand and a loose smile starting off the corner of his lips. His gaze pitched Sam's figure in the living room. Sam's had his eyes fixed on the large TV fastened to the wall. 

"Something from John." Sunny said pointing a phone at Sam. Sam stretched forth his left hand and he collected the phone. His right hand was holding on to a park of pop corn. He dropped the phone on the couch and he drove another hand full of pop corn into his mouth then he stopped as he tried to muttered some words. He wasn't communicating. His words were unclear. Sam nodded till he was done with what he had in his mouth. 

"I will check it later." Sam finally said. The look hanging on Sunny face was a no. "Kate badmus is dead" Sunny broke out. His words struck Sam on his face generating a quick frown. 

Sunny whirled around and he made his way out of the living room, while sam struggled to pick up what Sunny was showing him on the phone. 

Sunny stopped, standing in the door way, expecting sam to yell at him.

"How come we missed this." Sam said, an hick in his pitch. 

"It was never mentioned in their conversation."

What!!!" Sam exclaimed, his eyes shooting out of his socket. 

"I thought you read it." Sunny replied, his hands hanging on his waist. "The doctor said it was an heart failure." Sunny went on explaining. 

"Yeah. I saw that. Could that be true." Sam asked again. His eyes flew off the phone screen and it was glued on Sunny's face. 

"I don't believe that." Sunny said coldly. 

"Get your phone now and tell whosever is monitoring those calls to wake up." Sam ordered. He tightened his lips as his face developed a frown. 

Dan He picked up his pop corn pack that was seated beside him and he picked up another hand full. He picked up the remote control like nothing had happen and be pressed a button. The TV screen lightened up and he smiled. 

He thought about something and he pressed the remote control at the T.V  again. It went black again. He stretched his hands to pick up his phone when a call came in. 

"Louis" That was the caller's ID. He picked up the call and he smiled. "I wanted to call you. Now." Sam confessed. 

"I know you have me in mind." Louis thin voice carried her message.

"Thanks for been there, despite all. Although I don't show u much care like u do. But I just wanna tell you, that. Deep down in my heart. I have you in there. I really wish. I am not in love with Dan. I would have...." 

"Shhhhh." Sam sighed. "I know you love him." Sam continued. Louis was silent, she thought sam wanted to lead a conversation, but there was nothing. 

"I heard you resigned." Louis launched up a new line for a potential conversation. 

"Yeah. Wanted a break." Sam replied. His voice was framed around certainty. 

"You should have worked out a leave. I would have helped you."

"I know, but I wanted a long break."

"Are you copying me." Louis teased. She could sense Sam's smile.

"Where are you." Sam asked.

"Trying to wash ....." She stopped sensing she was saying too much. 

"I guess I am asking too much."

"Not too much." Louis interrupted hurriedly. 

"Just that..." she coughed "I am trying to wash my undies." The look on sam's face changed immediately. He adjusted his seating posture, noticing the call will be a long one. When he felt he was well seated he altered Louis story about how she broke her 3month old nails. 

"Let me call you back, now... Like now" Sam said and he ended the call. He sighed then he re dialled her line. 

©Okhuoya Temitope