Other side of love Eps30. 

Sunny held up sam. "What's wrong." he asked impatiently. "John is dead." Sam wavered. Spits splashing out of his mouth. His phone rang out as he was about forcing his way to his car. His face fell on his phone's screen. The caller's ID was john. "John." Sam mumbled as he picked up the phone. He gave sunny a sign to be quite. 

"Hey you fell for that." John's voice stroke him and he felt a quick cold run through him. 

Sam waved at Sunny to come closer and he placed the phone on loud speaker. "Where you scared." The voice continued. Now they both were getting confused. Sam knew john's voice and he would recognise it even in a dream. 

"Look up." The voice ordered. They both looked up and their gaze highlighted the figure of a man in a blood stained costume. 

Sam tightened his fist and he was ready to knock off john's head for playing a trick on him. 

"you had better run away." Sam yelled as he took giant steps towards john. Sunny walked after him half running. 


Dan drove home after he had gone to pay a shocking visit to Louis informing her that her leave wasn't over, and making her to see foster reasons why she must take a long term rest.

Dan's mind buzzed as he parked in the garage. He stepped out of the car and he made his way into the main house. He approached the master bedroom on the 2nd floor and he thought about been polite. He was going to knock this time around, either the door was locked or opened. 

"Come in. Son" Kate's voice came at daniel after she had confirm he was the one at the door.

He sat down close to her bed and he wore a thick smile.

"How was work today." 

"Fine, but stressful." 

"Yeah it should." Kate said as her lid closed up. She force it opened and she tried getting off her back. Dan helped her set up a pillow behind her so she could rest. He eyed the other pillow and he pulled it closer to himself. 

"So any problem."

" Not at all mum."

"I heard Louis is on leave."

"Who told you that." Dan asked, a change in his look. 

"I won't be telling you that." Kate replied. She clasped her hand and a depressed expression sprang up her face. 

"You need to rest now." Dan said standing up. "I need to go wash up. I will come back in 3hours time." He added and he felt pleased with his mum's positive nod. He watched her lie on the bed, face up. Just as she closed her eyes. He picked up the pillow and he pushed it hard against her face. She started a campaign of struggle but Dan climbed on her and he pulled her body to a static point with his weight. He didn't stop till he sensed his mum was no longer struggling and he remained in that very position for another two minutes, pressing the pillow on her face. He took of the pillow and he stared at the body of his own mother. His frown could scare away a lion. 

Dan picked up the pillow and he rearranged it. He pulled up her body and he laid her well on the bed with one of the pillows stocked under her head then he whisked. His brown eyes spoke satisfaction. 

Dan picked up his phone and he forwarded a call to his mum's doctor. 

"Dr Oye." His voice held a cord of weakness as he sounded like a man who has just crushed one of his balls. 

"I think kate is dead." He said coldly then he broke into tears. 

©Okhuoya Temitope