Sam spotted a blue highlander approaching him. He lifted up the travelling bag and he struggled to move closer. The car stopped few meters away from his gate. Sunny jumped out of the car and he rushed at Sam. He helped sam with the bag and the next two minutes was spent fixing the bag in the car's trunk. 

Sam sat beside sunny ready for a real conversation as Sunny drove the car out of the street. 

"He just got clues that I am a cop." Sam began.

"How come." 

"I don't know. Do I look like a cop. is it written on my face." 

Sam took his face off the road, letting his legs off the accelerator as he pulled a little load on his break pad with his leg. 

"You don't look like one." Sunny replied. Then he faced the road again, doubling up his speed. 

"Where are we going." Sunny asked again. "My house." He added.

"No, John's house. Let me call him now." Sam said. He picked up his phone and he dialed john's line. Sweat broke out his face as pores gathering on his fore head. A frown on his face as he looked up. "He is not picking up." Sam said.

 He dialed the number again and he placed the phone close to his ear. He frowned again. "User busy." Sam said. 

"Send a text." Sunny advised. 

Sam whisked looking at sunny. "Text sent." Sam said an expressionless look, handing on his long face. He wanted to ask a question but it was slipping out of his head as he encouraged a round of long silence. Sam closed his eyes tight seeing if he was going to hit his question bank. He reached it after 2 minutes. 

"What about the calls I asked u to monitor" Sam asked.

"Yes boss. I have Sewa on this. She would alert me if there is any thing we need to know. She is busy monitoring and recording every of their conversation." 

Sunny parked few meters away from a large black gate. It was slightly opened, all they had to do was to walk right through it. 

"Is he at home." Sunny whispered. 

"How am I supposed to know." Sam gave out a sharp reply. 

"Hey." Sunny said all of a sudden. Sam stopped moving and he whirled around. "I forgot my phone." "Go pick it up." Sam advised. His gaze trailed Sunny as he made his way out of the gate. He would meet me inside- Sam thought. 

John's door was widely opened. Sam spotted that as he stepped into the corridor. He stood in the door way and he peered in. An horrific look on his face as he felt a stab in his chest. He had just spotted John's body covered with blood. His white leather chair made it obvious.

John had just been murdered- This words rang in Sam's ear as he ran out of the house to meet Sunny.

©Okhuoya Temitope