Other Side of love EPs 28.

Dan stepped out of his car. He wore a shade on and he dashed towards a restaurant on the left side of the road. His phone beeped as he entered. 

"Look forward" The voice order. Dan looked up. "Can you see my hand." Dan eyes caught a waving hand and he ended the call. He moved forward and he stopped sighting Solomon's smile. 

"Sit down." Solomon said, waving Dan a seat. Dan sank into it, his hands clasped into each other as he rested it on the table. 

"what did you notice" Dan asked hurriedly. 

Solomon slipped out of his pocket a folded drawing sheet. 

He slide it towards Dan and he watched the look on his impatient face.

 "What is this suppose to mean." Dan asked as he observed the image on the sheet. It was a sketch of a snake."

"I watched all the footages. I got tapes off the security cams that night your Girl was murder although the killer came in with a mask. We spotted his tattoo." "So foolish of him." Dan muttered under his breath. 

We also picked the picture of another man walking into the hotel that night the lady who had a disagreement with your mum was killed. He tried all his best best to hide his face but we also spotted the same tattoo on his wrist." 

Dan gave Solomon a cold stare as he pounded on all that he had said. 

"Who is the guy." Dan asked.

"I am sorry we don't know yet. My guys are working on it." Solomon replied. 

Dan knew who the guy was. He had sighted him with his mum sometimes around December last year. Now he was convinced his Mum was in between it all. He wanted more findings. 

"And again. Your dad" Dan's eyes widen. "We found a guy who was also trying to hide his face from the camera few minutes after your father's died in that same hotel. We also spotted this tattoo on his wrist as he was trying to hide his face from the cameras." 

"Are you sure about this." Dan asked. Then Solomon replied with a nod. 

-No way- Dan thought angrily he took a few minutes to him self as he stood in the realm of silence. 

He was painting a picture of hatred. How could his mum kill the very man who brought him up. The very man who worked for all he could name as inheritance. Femi took him as a son and if not for investigations he wouldn't have known he wasn't his son. 

"Do you know him." 

"Not at all." Dan replied loosing the grip his teeth had on his lips. "You mentioned my dad. That made me...." 

"Ohh sorry." Solomon said softly. 

"Well." Solomon continued. "I will keep this." He picked up the sheet, folded it back into his pocket. He pushed back the chair he sat on and he said in a very low tone. "I need to go now."

Ten minutes after Solomon had gone. Dan still had his heart stabbed. He regretted digging into his family's secret. 


Sam got home twenty minutes after four. That was his fastest trip home. He walked into his bedroom and he returned ten minutes later with a travelling back. He lowered his height as he zipped up his bag. 

He looked around to see if there was something he was forgetting. Nothing he thought quickly as he wheeled the black travelling bag towards the end of his living room. He dug out his phone and he dialed Sunny's line. 

He said an hello with taking a deep breath. "Boss. Fixed." 

"Send over the car now." Sam said with an Increased pitch. 

©Okhuoya Temitope