Other Side Of love Eps27.

Sam just dropped john's call and he felt a bit better about the joke he just heard. John is crazy-he thought. 

He looked across the room and his gaze highlighted the figure of a man standing in the door way. 

"Boss." Sam said jumping up his feet. "I never saw you coming in."

"Yes. You never did. You know, I jumped out of the thin air." Dan replied watching the frown on Sam's face. 

"She didn't come today." Sam said defensively as he saw Dan look at Louis vacant seat. 

"She is on leave, and I arranged it." Dan was saying as he pulled a chair close to Sam's table. 

"Who were you talking to on phone." Dan asked as he loosed the last button on his suit. He adjusted his collar and he smiled again waiting for a reply.

"Who were you speaking with." Dan repeated, an hike in his pitch. 

"I really don't think that is any of your business." Sam replied as he rubbed his face.

Dan smiled, loosening the upper most button of his shirt.

"man, that was hot." Dan acknowledge. "Let's stop playing games." Dan continued.

"Well I am not." Sam said frankly.

Dan smiled. "I suspect you." Dan continued pointing fingers at Sam.

"You like her, hmmmm" Dan said again, crossing his hands against his chest. 

"What if I do. See Dan, you been my boss doesn't mean you have a rule over my emotions." 

"Easy, bro. easy" Dan said softly. 

"You don't work for me. You know that." Dan was saying as he stood up to his feet. He pointed his finger at Sam. 

"You know who you work for and you know why you are here." 

"What are you saying." Sam said defensively, forcing a show of anger. But it wasn't coming up.

"I am not scared about telling you this sam." Dan continued as he moved towards the door. "I know you can't tell Louis about this. See you soon." Dan slammed the door close behind him, leaving sam all alone to him self. 

Sam jumped at his phone the very minute he confirmed Dan had gone. 

His hands vibrated as he dialed Sunny's number."See man, There is trouble." Sam wavered his eyes scanned his table as he spoke and he went still noticing, his wallet was missing.

"Darn it." He yelled into the phone. 

"What's is it boss." Sunny asked calmly awaiting a reply. 

"The bastard just picked up my wallet. My badge is in it." Sam said as he ended the call. He touched his back pocket and he felt something was in it. He felt it again and a smile broke out his face, noticing it was his wallet.


Dan walked pass his secretary and the people seated in his office reception. He dug out his phone from his breast pocket as he pushed open the door to his main office. He stopped as he whirled around one leg in his office. "Give me 20 minutes. Don't send anyone in until" Dan stopped checking his wrist. "11:20" Dan added. Peace replied with a nod and she watched Dan's door close up behind him. 

Dan sank into his office seat. His mum's picture caught his gaze far off. The president picture was right beside hers. Dan placed his phone close to his ear. He had already dialed Solomon's line. "Thanks man. I just confirmed it. His reaction was just as you have described. Now I believe." Dan said hurriedly, now he was force to take a break for breathe. 

"So what's your say." The coarse voice poked him.

"He is a police." Dan proclaimed. 

©Okhuoya Temitope