Other side of love 25

Solomon ajayi. a tall man with a bent structure, in his late fifties walked into an office. He sank into an arm chair and he looked across the table at Dan’s face. 

“I like your secretary. She is too polite.”

“That’s because it is you.” Dan replied. He adjusted his sleeves and he loosed the knot his tie had on his neck. 

“How has work been.”

“Fine. You should have allowed us to talk on phone.”

“I thought about that too. But I have something I have to give you, today.”

“You should have visited me in the evening.” Solomon said. 

Dan coughed as his phone buzzed, he waved Solomon and he picked up the call. 

“How is your health…Fine…I will be coming home soon.” Dan ended the call and he looked up at Solomon. 

“What did you find out.” Dan asked. 

“He is not your dad.” Solomon said drily. “Femi Badmus is not your father.” Solomon repeated. Daniel's look said more about what was going around his mind. His face had gone hard all of a sudden. 

“And, you were not adopted. Your mum had you before she got married to Femi.” 

“What have you noticed about the deaths. My ex and the woman who was killed that night in the hotel.” 

“Your mother is not involved in any of the murder. I am hundred percent sure.”

“But that cant be possible.” Dan intruded. 

Solomon leaned forward he clasped his hands and he frowned. “Is there any thing you are not telling me.” 

"Not at all” Dan replied curtly. “But she…” Dan stammered. 

“Well. Mr Daniel. You cant catch a killer with mere words. I am afraid your mother doesn’t know about any of this. Well, about the land. She must have threatened to kill the woman.” 

“She did.” Dan fired, giving Solomon an expressionless look.

“I will work on the deaths as soon as possible. Give me a week.”

“Fine. How much do you need.”

“ Hundred thousand naira will do.”

“You will get my alert tonight.” Dan said drily. He pulled out his drawer and brought out an envelope. He slide it across the table. Solomon picked up the envelope and he slipped out of it three different pictures. 

“I got it from my mum’s drawer. I need to know who this guy truly is. I suspect him.” Dan said as he leaned against on his chair.


Sam walked out of his company's gate and he waved down a cab. -Today is worst- Sam thought. He told the driver where he was heading and he had him paid before the journey began. 

Sam crossed his hands against his chest as he thought about what he had caused Louis that day. A lot had happened so quick. He thought Louis would have been mad at him but she wasn’t. Instead she begged him about the insult. What kind of girl is this. Sam thought. 

Sam brought out his phone and he caught the driver’s eyes looking at him through the front mirror. Sam ignored his eyes and he spoke into the phone noticing. “Do me a favour." Sam said into the phone, noticing sunny had picked up. "Think about every suspect and how we can pick up every of their conversation. Don’t think about wiring offices. We would be missing a  lot. Call me back when you have it worked out." Sam said then he ended the call. 

©Okhuoya Temitope