Other side of love episode 23

Sam went to work early the next day. He stood behind his office door as he sensed Louis presence. The door had been unlocked. Sam’s phone buzzed and he dug it out of his pocket. –Thank God it was on vibration- he thought as he found his way down the hallway. 

“Hello” He said softly. His brooded eye was fixed on the tied ground. 

“I just found out something boss.” Sunny’s voice came in.

Sam’s eyes bulged out of his socket. He tightened his fist and he rested it on the wall. “I will call you back” Sam said softly as he ended the call. He had just heard a door been opened. He whirled around and his gaze fell on Louis. A soft smile was on her face. She pulled the office door to her self and she let go of its knob. She was in an blue blazer. A white long sleeve was running under it. Sam smiled, appreciating her structure. He trusted his hands in his pocket and he approached her.

“You came early today.” Sam said his eyes on Louis tight skirt. 

“Tanks” Louis replied. She transferred the files she had in her left hand into her right hand. 

“Yeah we have a lot to do. I have dropped some documents that need to be typed on your table. I would appreciate if you could be quick with it.”

“Okay boss.” Sam said jokingly. Louis let out a weak smile. She swallowed it up quickly, leaving him alone as she walked towards the elevator at the end of the hallway. 

Sam slipped into his office. He consulted his wrist watch. It was just seven thirty. He smiled as he pushed back his seat and he sank into it. He picked up his phone and he forwarded a call to sunny straight away. “Where are you now.” Sam whispered.

“I am trying to get some license so I can dig into The Badmus personal files.”

“Fine. So what do you have for me.”

“I just fell on something. Femi marriage with kate is just 21 years old. Dan is 28.” Sam whisked as he listened. 

“So I don’t think, Femi gave birth to Daniel. I am trying to check out all the orphanages around. I can’t get any license. I will have to get an hacker to get me all the files. It is possible I break into their association’s database.” 

“Fine.” Sam smiled. Now things were getting to clear out.

“Call me when you get more details. I might set up an investigation firm for you after this.” Sam teased. He ended the call and he dropped his phone.

The door opened up and sam looked up. It was the pretty secretary that had always been sneaking around him. She came in with a bulky brown file, this time around. 


Louis sat in a large room. It was meant to be the waiting room for Dan’s guest. Peace was in there already. She just called for the cleaner attached to her office. She had spotted cobwebs on the roof.

Louis sat still in the Small room. She was entertained by the noisy sound from Peace’s keyboard. She felt like she was going to pass out in any moment as she held her file to her self.

At exactly 8:10 Dan walked in. A guy followed him in, holding a black cross bag. Dan collected the bag from the guy and he walked towards his office door ignoring Louis presence. “Good morning peace.”  Dan said. He pushed his keys into his door's lock hole. He heard foot steps behind him as he turned on the lock. He looked back, his eyes hit Louis face. “Good morning Louis. I never knew you were here.”

“Now you know. I want to see you.” Louis said. Dan smiled. “Is it not official?” He asked. Now Louis knew where Dan was driving at. If she said it was personal. He would ask her to see him after work.

“Official.” Louis said firmly as she adjusted the file she carried in her hands. “See peace, she will handling everything official for now.” Dan said dryly. He walked into his office without saying a word and his door slammed close behind him.  

  ©Okhuoya Temitope