Other side of love Eps 22.

Sam sat on a couch in his small living room. He stood up and he adjusted the window blind. It was now forming the exact pattern he wanted. 

He looked outside and he frowned, sighting light illuminating his compound.

Sam picked up his phone and all he had in mind was forwarding a call to Jane. It was already part of him. He felt like he had been programmed. He stopped half way and he hissed, feeling a bit grateful that the call had not gone through. 

Sam consulted his phone for time. He sighed; it was just few minutes past ten. He reflected on all Louis had told him and he began to put them together like a puzzle. One person had the whole file in his head. He picked up his phone and he called sunny. 

“Good evening, hope I am not disturbing.” 

“No. The kids are asleep now.” Sunny said calmly.

“Yeah, about The Badmus case. When did the woman in the hotel die.”

“Five years ago sir.” Sunny replied.

Sam smiled then he spoke again. “I spoke to Louis tonight. She said some

 stuffs. Seems, Louis is the victim’s daughter.” 

“That will be impossible sir.” Sunny’s voice came in quickly. 

“Wait sunny. Remind me. What was the cause of the victim’s death?”

“Her body was found in the hotel room. They said it was suicide.”

“No. I am not talking about what they said. Tell me the fact.” Sam said harshly.

“She was murdered sir. She had been strangled on the floor then later hanged on 

the door.” Sunny explained. 

“But that wasn’t written in the statement we wrote. The commissioner then wanted it to the announced as suicide.” Sunny


Sam looked up at his wall. He kept his mouth sealed as he pressed his lips against each other. Sunny remained silent, knowing fully well that Sam was digging up thoughts.  

“Check up something else for me sunny” Sam said. He could hear sunny’s hand against his key board and he knew what that meant.

“Was Daniel adopted? Check that for me.” Sam could sense the silence from the other side. “He is Mrs Badmus’s biological son.” Sunny said sharply. 

‘I know. What about Mr Femi Badmus.” “They all have the same surname sir.” 

“I know, but that must be wrong. Louis said her mother had her before her dad moved over to Lagos. If he got married to kate later, and they gave birth to Daniel. How come Daniel is older than louis.”

Sunny was silent as he listened. He knew his boss had more to say. 

“What’s the deceased woman’s name.”

“She didn’t drop a name when she secured a room in the hotel that night. She was scared of been traced.”

“Did you guys find anything in her personal belongings? Like an Id card or something.”

“No sir.” Sunny replied. “Her hand bag was missing. That helped us pitched the fact that she had been murdered.”

Sam took out an air of relief as he tried clearing up the confusion starting up in him. He had a strong conviction that Louis was linked up in this but all facts were against it.

“Who came to clear up her corpse?”

“One Anita Udunma.We didn’t have the chance to meet her. She claimed to be her elder sister. That was what he mortuary attendee told us.” 

“What else do you know about her?” 

“Nothing else sir. The mortuary kept a poor register. We had them out of work for 2 years.”

“I believe someone else was cleaning up every thing we could trace.”

“So you think. Louis is not involved in this.”

“Yes boss. That’s all I can say for now.”

“All right. Kept an eye on James. I suspect him, he has an hand in this.”

“Okay boss.” That was a good bye note from Sam.

Sam disconnected the call and he dropped his phone on his couch.

©Okhuoya Temitope