Other Side Of Love Eps21.

Late in that evening sam decided to pay Louis a visit. Although it was late, she welcomed him. He told her why he was not at work and he was pleased to hear her, accept his apologies. 

She was the best to him. He liked the fact that she had discrimination, out of her list. She talked to him like they were friends, and she was over eager to answer every question he asked. 

Louis wanted to tell him about Dan. But her mouth would go dry every time she tried to mention his name. 

They sat in the living room watching the Nine O' clock news and Louis face went hard when the flashy news caster began to talk about a police who was shot to death in a bank robbery. 

She had a thing against police Sam had noticed but he could not disclose he was one of them. 

His presence made her forget about Dan. She was less worried at least for the main time. 

Sam studied the rectangular clock hanging on Louis wall. He had planned to make it out of her house on time so he would get a cab. 

"Tell me about your self." Sam finally said. This was why he came. He wanted to know more about Louis. No one knew her background. It was just untraceable. 

Louis' smile vanished as she looked up at Sam. Her head spined and she thought about telling a lie. 

She looked sam in the face, still silent. His calm face spoke a trust language. 

"Seems this is heavy. You might just tell me something else." Dan sighed then he continued. "You might as well tell me. What made you relocate to Lagos 4 years ago. 

"I was in search of my dad." She opened up. 

"Your dad!" Sam exclaimed. A bolt of surprise was hanging on his voice. 

"Yeah. I didn't grow up to know him. I didn't see him more than 3 times all my life." "That's ..I don't know what to say." Sam admitted. 

"He left my mum few months after she conceived me, and he moved away to Lagos. We didn't hear about him again for like 15 years. Then all of a sudden. We heard rumors that he had remarried and he had a son." 

"How come." Sam asked. 

"I don't know. I don't even know his name I only know his nick. Mum was keeping a lot from him. He died all of a sudden." 

"Sorry about that." Sam said frankly. 

"Thanks. He sent a letter to my mum. Few days before he was announced dead. He told my mum about the land he had in Ogun. He said it was going to be ours. He said he was sorry about neglecting us." Sam looked into her eyes as he listened. He was surprised she was telling him all of this. 

She looked hurt as she spoke. "My mum went to Lagos to claim the land with the so called Second wife. She called me that night telling me the woman. Wasn't going to let go of the land. It was a large piece of land. I don't have any idea how much the land is as per acres. But that was the last time I heard my mum speak. All I heard next was she been dead. She died in her hotel that night. The police said it was suicide." Sam whisked and that made Louis stop.

"What's your father's name." Sam asked.

Louis looked at him in the eyes. A drop of tear was already making it way out of her eyes. "I only know him as Zenith. That's what my mother calls him." a smile dropped off Sam's lips and  he swallowed it up quickly before Louis noticed.

"What else do you know about him." "My mum wasn't telling me stuffs. That's why I can do no findings myself. After my mum's burial back in the village. I came to Lagos to start a new life. Believing that one day. I will know who my real father had been." She said forcing out a smile.

"Can we talk about something else." Sam said. That was the only thing he felt he should say. He sensed he was taking Louis too far, down her memory lane. 

Sam sensed Louis story still had a twist. Or she wasn't telling him everything. Why did she travel to the village few months back if she had no one there. Definitely He still had more to find out. The fact that knew more about Louis made him happy.

©Okhuoya Temitope