Other Side of love Eps20.

Mrs badmus had a strong headache that evening, and Dan was beginning to fell guilty after he had taken her home. 

Late in the evening, Dan felt it was the perfect time to open up to his mother about all that he had found out. 

James called to check on Mrs Badmus some few minutes after Seven. Dan was at the phone. His cold voice told James he wasn't welcomed.

"How is she." "Fine" Dan had replied and every other reply he gave james were just one word. James ended the call irrationally, and he swore not to check on Kate(Mrs badmus) again. 

Dan walked into the room his mother had been laid. He scanned the GET WELL SOON card he had bought her in the evening and he smiled. He looked at her and he prayed his movement doesn't wake her up. 

-She would not listen- He thought. He had told her several times to hand over the office work to him. Now stress was hitting her badly. 

Dan moved over to the door he held the door and he attempted pulling open the door. He heard his name.

He tuned around smiling. "I never wanted to disturb your sleep. Your doctor said you need rest." Dan said as he sat beside his mum. He looked her in the face and he smiled again. He had always loved Kate. "Kate" He called. His mother let go of a weak smile and she reached his face with her hands as he leaned over her. 

"When last did you call me that."

"I just did now" Dan replied. 

Dan stood up to his feet rubbing his jaw. "I made you rice." Dan said.

"You did?"

"Yeah. I told Yusuf to let me handle dinner for just tonight."

"ohhh. That's lovely. Let me grade it." Mrs Badmus said sitting up as she watched Dan leave the room.

She sighted a little difference in her son's attitude towards her. Dan was changing real quick, and now she wasn't sure what the case was. She doubted it was the picture she showed him. 

Mrs Badmus wasn't through fixing her puzzled thought when the door few opened.

Dan sat with her and he watched her finish the plate of rice he brought. "Good. Where did you learn how to cook rice and stew this way." "Louis thought me." Dan snapped back. He watched the startled look on his mum's face and he offered her a bottled water. 

"Mum" Dan said softly.

Mrs badmus took the bottled water off her lips and she gave Dan with her attention. Her ears protracted as her eyes widen. Dan was used to that. He knew his mother wanted him to speak on. 

"Mum. Do you love me like you said you do."

"Yes baby" She answered. Confidence was missing in her voice.

She held the water to her self and she was more ready to listen to Dan than ever. 

"Then why didn't you tell me about me getting married before 30 affecting we owning the 900 acres of land daddy bought in Ogun."

 Mrs Badmus stared at Dan in surprise as she held back her tongue. She wanted to yell in his face. "Who the hell told you that." 

There was a thick silence in the room as Mrs Badmus gathered an explanation for Dan. Now that he had an hint about all that she had been concealing.

"Who told you all of this." Mrs Badmus wavered as she spoke. 

Dan laughed and he replied. "I just got to know this evening." He looked his mother who was already going cold. "Tell me everything else that I need to know." Dan continued.

Dan sat still for over an thirty minutes as he listened to his mother unveil to him crazy secrets about the family. She ended it all with a sighed and she looked up at her son who was smiling. -He ought to be angry- She thought. Dan knew he still had a lot to find out. He knew he was going to spend the night digging deep into his dad's old journal, diary and review his mum's documents. He stumbled upon them that evening, and that had fed him with the little he knew. He knew his mum would be up the next day, so he had tonight just to himself. He had planned to return the documents before dawn. His mum, not laying in the master bedroom was a ticket for him to know more.

"I want you to know something mum." Dan held her hands in his. "Whatever happens, we are in it together. And about that woman who seduced daddy to write a will as crazy and as useless as this. I am going to find her and i am going to kill her." A bolt of anger was in Dan's eyes. His mother gaze was fixed on him. She had never seen Dan this mad. 

"No dear. Just be single till 30, and the war will be over." Mrs badmus said calmly. Dan held back his hands to himself and he tighten it till it was a fist. "I am going to deal with Louis for messing with me." Dan whispered with so much seriousness, feeling the sun should rise in the next hour. 

Deep down in Dan's heart an hatred for girls began to spread, and the love he had for his mum began to establish a strong root. He felt all his mum had been doing was for his sake. 

©Okhuoya Temitope