Other side of love Eps19

Dan sat in his office disturbed. He could not attend to the ton of files that were on his table. He turned off every official call, and he yelled at his secretary every time she reminded him the incoming call was important. 

Louis called him some few minutes past three and he ignored her call. She called again and this made him think about the whole stuff over again. If he ignored her one more time, she would pick walking up to his office as a pleasure. 

Dan picked up his phone and he dialed her office line. "Have been calling you since” She said hurriedly.

“Busy!” He replied, forcing out a smile knowing she would pick it up.

“Am bored.” She said and she smiled. “Sam did not come to work today. So I am doing everything."

Right there he wanted to smash her face and yell at her. “What is my business with your darn boy friend” he had wanted to say but he cautioned himself with a smile. “Am a bit busy dear. I will call you back when I am done.” He ended the call and he dropped his phone. 

Dan ran his hands on his head and his brown eyes went for his wrist. He checked the time again and he felt it should run a bit faster. –I am going after your advice mum- He repeated to him self. “Nothing is wrong” He said again. “I am fine.” He repeated and he picked up his telephone receiver so he could speak to his secretary. 

Louis knew right away. She could suspect something was wrong. Her mind went straight to no one else but Mrs Badmus. She is behind all of this she thought. Louis sat back on her chair. Her laptop lid was a bit closed. She adjusted it and it light lighted up her face. She began to review all her activities through out the weekend. Nothing was wrong. She made her hair for 6 hours on Saturday in Ajangbadi with her favourite stylist. She was in a cab for two hours till she was back in Ikeja where she stayed. That alone made her sleep till Sunday, and just like it had always been. She was late to church again. 

Louis saw nothing wrong with all her activities it was all fine. So what had Mrs Badmus told him. It took her not long before she got back to her work. 

“Five minutes after four” Louis said aloud in the elevator, studying her wrist watch as the elevator came to a stop. Everyone closed by four so she thought about Dan not walking away. She was too curious to know what was wrong with him. 

The elevator door went opened as she thumbed a button. She greeted everyone waiting outside to step into the elevator and she walked pass them.

Louis sighted Peace, Dan’s secretary seating behind her table. It was positioned very close to a door in the far end of the room. Sounds from Peace keyboard filled up the air. She stopped all of a sudden looking up at Louis, the door slamming close behind her. “He left not quite long.” Peace said. 

Louis knew who she was talking about so she played along. “I took the Elevator. I didn’t see him.”

"Then he used the stairs.”

“The stairs!!!” Louis exclaimed. 

Louis stood few meter away from peace table. Understanding that her presence in the room was stopping her from closing up her activities for the day.     

“Was he worried when he felt.” Louis asked. 

"I am sorry. I am not been paid to disclose my boss emotional state.” Peace said, trying to sound polite, but Louis was getting what she was passing across. 

©Okhuoya Temitope