Other Side Of Love Eps18.

Dan leaned forward he adjusted his tie. He sighed. His eyes was red and his face had gone hard.

"Why didn't you tell me this all this while." Dan asked. He sounded a bit angry. He dropped the pictures on his mother's table. 

"I thought I shouldn't." "Mum you should have." His pitch went high. "You should have." He repeated.

"Now I have told you. I actually wanted proofs before. I never wanted it to look like I was blabbing so you won't be vexed at me like you always do. Now I have them. That's why I showed them to you." Mrs Badmus said. 

She picked up the pictures off the table and she returned them back into the envelope and she secured it  in her drawer. 

"You should have told me about this mum." Dan glared. 

"I told you. She is not right for you." Mrs badmus replied. 

Dan stood up and he moved closer to the painted wall, running around the office. He kicked against it angrily, his hands buried in his pocket. 

Mrs badmus pushed back her chair and she moved towards her son. She wore a remorse look. 

"Dan!!" Mrs Badmus called. She touched his shoulder and she turned him around till she could see his face. He was broken and weak. She saw it. He felt abandoned. 

"Mum she left me." Dan wavered. "Mum she went for that bastard. Who is he. Who does he think he is. Mum he is my employer" 

She held his face closer to her blossom and she felt his tears wet her. 

"Sam is not better than you Dan. Not even half cute as you are." "Mum is it because he is light and I am dark." "No dear. It is not."

 Dan sank into the ground his mother took a low position with him. "What do I do now mum." He asked. His voice was weak and unstable. 

"I want you to get back to your office now and say nothing about this. Don't let her know you know anything." Mrs badmus Whispered. An unexpected smile flashed off her face and she subdued it with a frown before it was noticed. 

"But that is close to impossible mum. I am going to break her neck." 

"You won't have to do that sweet. I can decide to send her off now. But I won't. We will make her regret this." Mrs Badmus said.

©Okhuoya Temitope