Other Side Of love Eps17.

Sam sat in his small living room. And the whole under cover of a thing was beginning to stink to him. He felt it was ruining his life. 

He looked up at the celling fan blade rolling above his head and he felt it was rolling more than it should. He stood up, approached it switch and he turned it off. He fell on his couch and he glowered. 

Jane's image popped up in his head. He could see her figure. Her thin structure and small face became clearer. 

Sam shut his eyes closed thinking he could get it out. But it never left. He felt his heart was ripping apart and all that he had worked for had been stolen. 

Sam gnashed his teeth as he moved his clasped hands towards his mouth.

This went on and on till it was thirty minutes past two. Sam was done making himself a cup of coffee. He sat his cup beside him as he lowered himself on the rugged floor of his living room. 

Everything sucked. He wished he could be done with the mission so he would get his real life back. He now wanted to return to the house he had built. He now desperately wanted to ride the cars he had parked in his garage. Now he wanted to have all the time he wanted so he could make all the calls he wanted to make. 

Sam felt Jane leaving him was all his fault. He concluded he wasn't giving her enough time. 

Sam's phone rang out. He stretched his hands across the couch and he picked it up. He looked it in the face and he sniffed. It was Louis calling. Probably she wanted to ask why he had been at work. 

Sam picked up his phone after he felt Louis would not call any longer and he texted Sunny immediately.


Louis had the busiest day in the month. It was now the way it had always been before she got her cute typist. 

She was more worried. When she called Sam's line few minutes past 2 and it was telling her SWITCHED OFF. Not long after she had dropped her cell phone. A call came in from Dan. She picked up the receiver saying nothing. "Are you looking forward to going mad at me this afternoon." "Not at all." Louis said with a expressionless look.

 "Are you fine" "Yeah I am. Just a bit busy." "I Want to see you. I will come over after lunch." Dan said and he ended the call. 

Right there Louis knew Dan won't be available for their special lunch. She wasn't going for lunch too. 

Sam came to her head again and she frowned. She stared at her cell phone and she picked it up.


Dan received a call after he had spoken with Louis. It was from his mother. She told him she wanted to see him and it was urgent. He left all that he was doing and he went to see her.

Dan stood in front of his mum and he frowned. His face down. 

"You said you wanted to see me." "Yes dear. Sit" She waved him to take a seat. 

Dan tapped his shoes against the ground and he was ready to hear his mother tell him more about his life. "Is it about Louis." He asked impatiently. Mrs Badmus smiled. She pulled out a drawer attached to her desk. She brought out a thick envelope and she tossed it on her table. "Pick that up. You will love the photos in it." She smiled as she leaned against her chair. Her gaze was locked in Dan's brown eyes. 

©Okhuoya Temitope