Other Side of love EPs 16

Sam slept late that night. His heart was heavy. He had a lot tied in it. John had helped him bake a perfect cake that would last the night and still look good the next day.

With Sam's wallet stocked with cash. They could hit up a store down the street and get enough flours, butter, flavour, colouring, icing sugar and some other materials that would help the baking. John had enough eggs at home so they spent nothing on eggs and pan. 

John had complained. "You should have told me earlier." 

"I never knew your idea would be us baking a fantastic cake." Sam had replied. John had looked him in the face angry. Then he had yelled back. "I know a store that sells cheaper stuffs. It is far away.  We cant go there tonight." 

John was all about not spending much and sam was busy ringing it in john's ear. "Bills on me"

It was a fantastic cake indeed. Sam stared at the cake which looked exactly like the human heart. John did a perfect job. Now Sam thought about John's 2years in a catering school as not been a waste. 


Having getting up early, taking a furious bath. 

Sam was up before 4. He wanted to make jane's day special. He slept late drafting her a long birthday wish. He sent it in, the very moment his alarm rang. He smiled seeing his Message been delivered before it was 12:01. He didn't call her. She would be awake. But he expected she would call him. 

He picked his phone the moment it was 12:17. Then he dropped it all of a sudden again. He frowned and he rolled on his back. He looked at the energy saving bulb dropping down his roof and he smiled. He loved sleeping with the lights off. But now he wanted it on. 

Sam wanted to be done seeing Jane before 7:30 so he could run over to work and be seated behind his desk before 8:00 am. 

John climbed down a cab. He paid the driver. Shoveled his wallet back into his pocket and he stepped on the side walk. A white box made like a fish biscuit cartoon in his hands. 

John consulted his wrist watch. It was twelve minutes past six. He could hardly see what he was stepping on. But he knew he had grass under his feet. 

Almost every house in that street had a fence running around their compound. Sam was not forgetting that. He knocked gently on Jane's gate. And he expected a slow responds. He stared at his wrist again. It was now 6:18. 

John sighed as he Dug out his phone and he dialed jane's line. "Hello" Her thin voice came out eagerly.

 "I was expecting you to be the first caller. But you weren't." "Jane. Won't you even let me say Good morning."

 "By making me angry?" She said. 

"I brought you cakes." Sam said, noticing she was about to end the call. He knew her hang up tone. "Fine." She said curtly. 

"And i am in front of your gate now. I am with the cake." "Drop it there. I can't get out of bed now." She said.

Sam knew right away that she wasn't in bed. She possibly does not want to see him. She might be vexed about he not calling early. He thought. 

Sam frowned as Jane dropped the call. 

He walked few meters away and he sighted a tree far off. The sun wasn't up in the sky. But he felt he needed a shade. He wanted does memories back. Those old good times when he would go camping with Jane. The cold breeze, the dancing leaves and he long branches. It all was in his head.

He sat on the ground and he hugged his legs. His eyes went straight for Jane's gate. He picked up his phone and he went through the previous text Jane had sent him. The last text read two months ago. 

He sniffed and he looked up as he heard. Jane's gate open up. The street was silent so he could pick up the noisy sound. 

He stood off his butt and he slipped behind the trees. He felt he should hide and make her suffer for not opening up early. He looked out to see. His heart hammered faster noticing he had forgot the cake under the tree. -Bursted!!- He thought.

He saw Jane walked out through her gate. Someone else was with her. Sam took a closer look at the other figure standing with her. His structure and cloth made him conclude he was a guy. And that he had slept over in her house. 

©Okhuoya Temitope