Other Side Of Love Eps15

Sunny sat on his table. He consulted his wrist watch and he smiled. His phone buzzed. He looked at it and he frown. "TURN ON THE GOD DAMN RECEIVER" he read. It was Sam's message. 

He pressed a button on the Bluetooth receiver, and he smiled. 

"OK." He said quietly. 

"What the hell are you doing. Why did I ask you to use a Bluetooth receiver ." Sam's voice rushed out like water off a broken tap.

"It was a mistake." Sunny replied. He looked up and he sighted Mrs Badmus walk in through the restaurant door.

"Coming in."

"Now" Sam's voice broke in. 

"Yeah, now. What do I do?"

"Are you asking me again." sam screamed. "Listen to them." 

"Okay." Sunny nodded. He rested on the table with one of his elbow and he rubbed his face. 

"Turn the recorder on pls." Sam voice came at sunny again.

Sunny picked up his phone from the table, drew his lock pattern and searched for his favourite recording app. 

"On" He sighed speaking to sam through the Bluetooth receiver. 

"Fine!! Now watch." Sam said. 

A lady in a blue apron dropped a tray on Sunny's table. He stared at the small wraps of Amala and soup in a white ceramic plate with a lite flower design. Tiny meats  swam in the soup.

James was seated beside Sunny. He looked at him and he frowned. Sunny glowered in return and he began to carry his food out of the tray. He watched Mrs Badmus sit in the armless chair opposite James. 

Mrs badmus looked at James. His  black thick moustache made her sighed.

"I told you to shave this thing off."

"I like it. What will you love to eat." James asked. 

 "Nothing. Just lets talk." Mrs Badmus said. James smiled as he touched his beards. 


Sam stepped out his apartment. He walked a bit till he was close to the main road. He waved down a cab. He was on his way to john's house. He had so much in his head. Louis security was the priority. That was his duty. He had heard James and Mrs Badmus plan, clearly. And he knew what they were up to. He had to shelf all of that behind him and he focused on generating something meaningful out out his meeting with john. Jane's birthday was Paramount. 

Sam stood behind James door and he knocked repeatedly till the doors flew opened. John came out in a blue towel. He threw his hands around Sam's neck and he hugged him. 

Sam sighed. "I knew it was you. Thought it was a ghost at first." Sam nodded and he walked pass John breaking free.

Sam sank into john's couch and he whisked. 

John locked the door and he walked back into the dim lit living room. 

"What brought you here man." John asked. He sat beside Sam and he turned the T.V off with it's remote. 

"Can't I come visit you." "Yeah. You can" John said curtly. "But you coming at half past Nine is not you."

Sam's face lightened up with a smile. "How is the case. Heard you are doing a lot for the force." John said.

 John leaned backward against the couch and he coughed. 

"How come you know all this." Sam asked.

"I am a wizard" John replied. "I fly at night" He raised his arms like he had wings and he was ready for a flight. 

Sam smiled again. He studied the picture of John in a grey suit handing on the wall on his far left.

"Tomorrow his Jane's birthday." Sam said. There was an eerie hush in the room. No one broke the silence, until john let go of an harsh cough. "So do you want me to cast a birthday spell." John whispered. His hands clasped against each other as his thick black brow formed an arch.

©Okhuoya Temi tope