"Sunny. Now" The voice came out of a phone close to sunny. He took it off loud speaker and he whispered into it. "Be on alert boss." He pushed a button on the Bluetooth set he had stocked in his ear and he smiled. 

He climbed out of his car, standing on his balls. In front of him was an electronic board, getting prepared to rock the evening with it's beauty. "Welcome to Costa Restaurant" Was displayed on the board. It moved from right to left.

Sunny yanked his car door opened. In his hands was his car keys. He stowed it into his pocket and he frowned. He shrugged, then he approached the bar. He stood at bar's entrance and he consulted his wrist watch. 

"Welcome sir" A security man greeted him standing out of his way. Sunny said nothing as he walked right through the opened door. He walked over to the counter and he flashed a wide smile at the lady who was going to attend to him.

"Good evening." 

"Good evening sir." She replied. 

"Any reserved table." 

"Just two sir." Sunny smiled. He was close to his point. He was going to double the bills paid for the table. So he would have it to himself. 

"How much is it." 

"Five thousand naira sir. Just for the table sir. You will have to pay for any food and drinks ordered." 

"Okay" Sunny replied. 

Sunny crossed his legs as he stood. One hand resting on the counter. He looked left and he saw other customers been attended to. If the table was going to be given out to him. It had not been booked by James. No one dares sell out James'  table. Now that she had agreed to sell him the first table then. It wasn't James. 

"What about the second table." 

"Booked sir." 

"I know" His eyes fixed on hers'

 "I know it is booked." Sunny added. He tapped his hands against the table.

 "Special reservation sir. The price can't be doubled." Now sunny was getting to hear what he wanted to hear. If the second table can't be booked. Then mr James booked it. He had to push a bit more to get what he really wanted. 

"That should be table t.h.I.r.t.y" He pulled his words and the lady fell into his trap. "Fifty two" She said. 

"Yeah Fifty two." Sunny agreed. 

"We have 14 to 15... Other free tables that have neither been booked nor reserved." She paused, taking her face off her computer screen. Now she was looking at Sunny. He showed a satisfied look so she proceeded.

 "No. Fourth three is free sir." Sunny offered a grin. "And it is right beside Fifty two." She added. 

" I am using it now. It won't be reserved." 

"Okay sir. She replied." She pressed some button on her keyboard and a small printer beside her computer kicked up with a whining sound. It stopped then she collected from the printer teeth a doubled Slip. 

"To your left sir. You are free to place an order. Give them one of this slips. And go to your table. You will be served in 5minutes sir." "Thanks" Sunny replied with a grin and he moved to his left.

 Sunny's phone buzzed. He felt the shock run through him. He knew who it was. Sam was going to be the one calling to give an advice or yell!!

He dug his phone out of his pocket. A frown on his face as he slide his finger across his phone's screen. He placed the phone close to his ear. He turned around taking a deep breath. His gaze hit a short thick man in a white shirt with black stripes tucked in a black perm trouser walk into the restaurant.

 It was James. The description Sunny gave fitted him like a glove. The belle, his face, his walking step. 


"Yes" Sunny replied. He whirled around, flashing a smile at the Lady who was to attend to him. 

"Have been shouting your name since. What happened to your ears." Sunny gave no reply. It was his usual way of not dragging issues. 

"Plans have changed. They won't be coming by 6 again." "The man is in here already." "Darn it. Position quickly pls." Sam said in a rush. 

"Amala and Gbegiri." Sunny Said to the attender ending the call. He slide one of his slips to her and he added. "Four wraps and three meat. Table Forty three, please." He turned around and he walked across the restaurant towards his table. He studied the slip he had in hands as he moved.

 James passed by him moving to the counter. James looked worried. Sweat broke down his chin. His face was hard and he looked angry. 

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