Other Side Of Love Eps13. 

A thick man with a bulged belle picked up a glass of drink on a dwarf glass table. He took a noisy sip and he stared at Mrs Badmus, picking on her stony face. "So what do you say about the documents." 

Mrs badmus flashed a quick smile. He looked at the thick man who was in his late 60's." "Mr James. You know it is not about me. I am not tied in this at all." "I know, and I understand all of this. I really wish your son can age quicker." "He is just 28." 

Mr James smiled. "I wish he could be 30 tomorrow." "But that is impossible." "I heard he has more pressure on you now about he getting married." "Yeah" Mrs badmus whisked. She leaned forward her hands clasped into each other. Now she was ready to whisper. She looked around then she spoke, her voice was low and clear. "M trying my best. But I will have to take out his new lover if she becomes a treat." Mr James smiled. "Mrs Badmus. You know what I think about you." Mrs Badmus sighed listening to me. "I think you will do all it takes to get all you want." "Definitely." She replied looking away. She leaned on her seat and she took in an air of relief.

 "You know what I think." Mr James said standing up to his feet. Mrs badmus stood up with him. He looked her in the face. He buttoned up his suit and he held her hands. "Really, I which we could be more than just business partners." She let go of a captivating smile. James looked her in the face again. "But we can't." She sent a shot through James' vein. "You proposed to me when I was young. When my face was fresher and better. When I was strong and when I was fashionable. I said no. So why now." James smiled listening to her. He held her hands and he wanted her to slow down. His brown eyes couldn't slow her down. "You known why I choose Femi over you." She paused all of a sudden looking James in the face. 

"I won't get vexed." James said he moved towards the doorway. "I have a better idea. That might help keep your son single till 30. That means this girl is no threat." James said, they stopped standing in the doorway. "Let's meet by 6pm. This evening Costa restaurants Ikeja." She flashed him a smile and she gave a positive nod. 


Dan thumbed a button on the elevator wall. It door went apart and he walked out of it. He could hear sounds of keyboards button been pressed nosily and speedily. It was a busy day. He consulted his wrist watch it was few minutes pass 2. He thought about forwarding Louis a call then he shelved his idea noticing he was close to her office. 

Dan stood before Louis office door and he knock twice he pulled down the lock handle and he peered in.

 "Surprise surprise." "Dan" Louis exclaimed. Dan slipped in. "Good afternoon sir" Sam greeted. Dan turned to his direction and he let go of a smile. "Mr sam, hope you are enjoying every bit of your stay with us here." "Yes sir" Sam said, taking his eyes off his keyboard. 

"It's lunch time" Dan said moving closer to Louis large and scattered table. "Are you taking me out" "Yeah. I am." He helped her out of her seat. Pulled her closer to himself. "Office pls." Louis whispered. "My office."Dan said smiling. Sam coughed in the background. Dan turned around frowning. "Let's get going" Louis said hurriedly holding on to his hands. 

Sam looked at the door as it was slammed close. He picked up his phone and he forwarded a call. "Hello. Weren't you going to call me." he said hurriedly. "I said call me when it is 2:10" "Sorry, boss." the voice came over. "Sunny don't tell me sorry." He sighed looking at his laptop screen. He pushed aside a white earpiece and he spoke into the phone. "Costa restaurant by 6pm. That's the venue for their next meeting. Hey, don't end the call yet. Check your mail box. I just sent you their conversation. Work on it and give me a call back. If I don't pick up, that means she is back. Mail me with your discovering." "OK" The voice came from the other end. Sam ended the call. 

Sam dropped his phone and he frowned. He rubbed his nose vigorously and he ran his tongue over his lips. His black thick lashes were opposite his skin colour. He was anxious to know Mrs badmus Next move. 

He taking up the work personally was doing him a lot bad than good. He doesn't have time for anyone else even his girl. The short time he had spent with Louis. Her character, her smile, her look. It all has been sinking into his head. 

His phone buzzed. He picked it up and his jaw dropped. It was a reminder. The next day was going to be his girl's birthday, and he has not secured her a gift. 

Sam rubbed his palm against his face and he took in a deep breath. 

One name came to his mind, "John the clown." He was going to see john the clown and plan on how he was going to spice up his girl's birthday. 

Sam smiled remembering how john had helped him out earlier on similar occasion. He looked at his wrist watched it was 2:27pm. He picked up his phone and he dialed john's line. "Hello john." "Hey man." The voice came from the other end. "M busy now pls." "What are you doing." Sam asked "M trying to iron my shoe. I just washed it" Sam smiled. "Idiot." Sam said again. He could hear john laugh. "M coming over to say hi to you this evening." "Good. Pls come with your siren on. I would love to scare my neighbours." "Have you forgotten that my car doesn't have that." "How I forgot. Come with your gun then." "Shut up, you. Just be at home. Don't wander off." Sam smiled and he ended the call. 

He was going to  surprise Jane. He paused as he thought about all of this. Louis thought in his head made him freeze. 

He leaned on his chair and he convinced himself. He knew what he had for Louis was normal. He was now close to her, working with her. Seeing her 8 hours everyday was enough to spice up anything, even it was going to be hatred. It would have grown stronger. 

He had worked on cases like this acting as an undercover cop. But this case was a bit different. The difference was not in the case. It was in the girl he had to save.

©Okhuoya Temitope