other Side of Love Eps11

The man with the snake tattoo stepped out of a black ford down Ireje. Light up bar was what he could see from where he stood. He stubble out a cigarette stick. He lighted it up and it red burning end pointed his face. He stood leaning against his car and he didn't stop smoking until 10 minutes had pass. He was in a brown suit, and he was looking a bit different with his beards shaved and his hair extremely low. 

He dropped the cigarette into the ground, crushed it with the tip of his shoe and he stepped into the bar. 

He looked around from the entrance. He could see perfectly well. He was used to the multicolour light. He sighted a woman in a blue round neck at one end of the bar, a single table assigned to her.

That was the very lady he was up to see. He walked up to her and he coughed getting close in declaring of his arrival. 

"You were late." The woman said removing her dark shade. She dropped it on the table and she pulled her drink closer to her lips. The snake tattooed man sat in the chair opposite her and he unbuttoned his suit. He was roasting in it already. "I am so sorry. I kept Mrs Badmus waiting." "Apologies accepted" She said from the side of her mouth. "Did you get a clean shot." "Yeah. I did" The snake tattooed man said, bring out a brown envelope from his suit. He gave Mrs Badmus the envelope and he watched her smile as she opened it up. In it were pictures. She checked them one at a time.

"He is a good actor." The snake tattooed man said. "Will this be enough evidence to convince your boy that b!tch is not right for him". Mrs Badmus coughed. Her hands against her mouth. "What does the actor want." She asked, looking the snake tattooed man in the face. He laughed, sealing it up with a flashy smile. "Don't you trust me." He paused then he continued. "When will I get my balance." "Tomorrow morning I promise" Mrs Badmus said holding his hands. 

The snake tattooed man, looked up at Mrs Badmus "I paid him 50k to go visit her, so we could take this shot." he touched the envelope as he was speaking. "is he that in need of money." "He is very hungry for money. I had some guys spy on him. Seems he is a driver. He drives a top government official when ever he is done working with you at the close of every day." Mrs Badmus face held down a frown. "My boys have been seeing him in a very expensive SUV. Most times in the evening.  That same car every evening." "He must be so much after the cash. I will have his salary double for this." The snake tattooed man frowned. He stood up on his feet, his hands on the envelope. "That is non of my business. Just be careful." He left her sitting and he walked out of the bar. He got to his car and something struck him. He dug out his phone and he forwarded a call. 


A tall man standing close to an opened window ended a call, he turned around looking sam who was tied to an armchair in the face, he moved closer to sam, hitting a club in his palm repeatedly. His look told he was more than just any killer. 

©Okhuoya Temitope