Other Side Of love Eps12.

The tattooed man sat in his car. His hands on his wheel and his gaze on his front mirror. He placed his phone close to his ear as he looked out into the dark street to see any danger. "Have you released him." "Yes, not quite long." the voice answered. "He seems to be cooperative, boss" The voice came over again. "Good. Did you tell him not to go see the girl privately again. Everything else should end in the office." "I told him that already sir." "Are you sure." "Yes sir. I had him sign all the documents and he did." "Good" The snake tattooed man sighed. He ended the call and his red eyes was locked picking up his one reflection in his front mirror. He started the car and he zoomed off. 


A prowl car stopped very close to a black car parked under the shade of a tree. A tall police man stepped out of it. He moved forward and he stopped as soon as he got to the black car. The door on the left side opened up and he climbed in. He took an air of relief and he stared at the light skinned man seated in the driver's seat. "Hope you are getting along with all of this boss." The light skinned man let go of a smile, looking the tall man in the face and he spoke. "Don't you fell the heat. Take this thing off" He was pointing to the cap on the policeman's head. "Sunny" "Yes boss" The police man answered. "I would have asked you to take over this case. But you won't deliver a nice job." "I know boss." "So let me do it my way." "I am just suggesting you work on this case from another angle. Seems you are endangering yourself."

The light skinned man touched the police man on his shoulder then he spoke again. "Since when did you start caring about me." "When you save my life boss. When you paid my hospital bills boss. When you raised my salary by giving me a percent of yours boss." The light skinned man smiled as he listened to the police man. 

"What else have you found out about Mrs Badmus." The light skinned man asked the police man. "I should ask you that." A flash of smile popped up the light skinned man's face. "There is something else in this case inspector. Why will Mrs Badmus. Not let her son get married. why is she saying a no to the new girl." "What do you think boss." The tall police man asked. "I think Mrs Badmus killed Jumoke, because she won't let go of her son. Now the new girls life is at risk." "But we can't arrest her now. Neither can we pick up her son. He is a wild fire." "We can't do anything till we find out the why behind all of this." "And if that takes too long boss. The paper might pick up the girl's death before we do." The tall police man said. 

The light skinned man leaned out of his car and he spat into the ground. He leaned against the wheel and he smiled looking at the police man. "How is your son doing?" The light skinned man asked. "Fine" The policeman replied. "Sunny. I would love to wire Mrs Badmus office tomorrow. Can we get that done?" The tall policeman looked him in the face as he dashed out a positive reply. It was a nod. 

©Okhuoya Temi tope