"I said my name is Daniel and I am your Doctor, How are you feeling?" he replied

-Wow! I blushed. He is asking me how I felt? And introducing himself to me seems special like he was trying to woo me.

"I'm Ife and I feel much better now" I smiled.

"Okay, we give thanks to God and please you need to relax and don't think too much then" he turned to Shina, "has she eaten?" He asked

"No, she hasn't, I'll go and get what she'll eat." Shina answered.

"Where did Shina get the money from," I thought.

"Okay, you need to be fast about it" Doctor Daniel replied.

Then they both went outside to discuss. "What is wrong with Tofunmi and how will I get the remaining #20,000 for my treatment," I pondered.

Then Shina came in with the food and he dropped it by my side. It was in a nylon. 

"Ahan, Shina where did you get the money from and what about the #15,000 that aunty gave us. Hope it is safe" I asked him.

"Siiiisssstttteeeerrr mmmiiiii..." he emphasized. "the money is safe and it is bro Daniel that gave me money to buy food." He smiled.

"Wow, that Doctor must be nice," I said blushing. 

Oh my God, am I supposed to be falling in love at this time, but this is the first time in my life I'll ever look at a guy like that. He must be my perfect man, his name makes me blush. 

Oh my Daniel, I hope he's single. 

My brother noticed the way I blushed.

" Humm, I think someone is in love already ".

" Just shut up!" I replied sheepishly.

"Sister Mi, we need to talk about how we will get the remaining money to pay our bill..." He sighed...

"The money I and Tofunmi saved for your school is #100,000 thought its #70k you need but you'll need to take some things to school and I don't want you to touch that money, you need to go to school, you need to be educated, you have to be better than us" I held his hands tightly. God knows I love Shina so much. I don't use him to play, if you try rubbish with him,you're looking for trouble.

He broke down and he started crying.

"Shina, stop being too emotional, you're growing to be a man." I hugged him.

"Sister Mi," he was sobbing, "please let's use that money for your treatment, then we can look for money later."

I pondered about what he said then I finally decided to use the money for my treatment. 

Thank God, I took my ATM card along that day otherwise I would have gone to the bank and made use of my withdrawal slip. I gave him the ATM card to withdraw #20,000, I told him to be very careful. I was still afraid that Edwin would still be out there watching us and our Nigerian police won't get all these cultists, they're very dangerous. Instead I'd endanger my life. So I left everything to God.

Shina came back to the hospital looking so exhausted.

" Shina, tell me where Tofunmi is"

"Well, now that you've recovered, sis Tofunmi too was admitted to the hospital and she's under special care, she has stroke, she has been there for one week now." He looked bitter.

"What are the doctors saying"

"Ermm, sister Mi, let me go and pay this money so that you'll be treated on time." He ran out of the room without a reply. 

Two hours later, Doctor Daniel, some other nurses & some interns attended to me & prescribed some drugs for me to use. I thanked home and you know what? I was so excited, Doc Daniel asked for my phone number. This is fate, we're meant to be.

I collected the drugs that were prescribed to me in the hospital's pharmacy and I went to my sisters room. Tears filled my eyes as I saw different drips connected to my sister's body, we were not allowed to enter the room, so we stood at the window side. "Tofunmi, you need to fight this."

"Sister Mi, you didn't even bother to ask where we are going to stay or have you forgotten that our house has been burnt down." Shina said. 

"It's true though, where are we going to?" I asked

" Bro Daniel's apartment ".

Oh my God, I said it, this Daniel is my man.

" He's very nice, God will bless him." I prayed.

When we got out of the hospital building, I saw Doctor Daniel waiting for us beside a Range rover. -Gosh! this guy must be rich. The car was tinted, all black. Omo, come and feel the AC, the fragrance too, na another thing. Strawberry fragrance?

No orange, no peach, I can't even get the fragrance. 

Even the sound system,the beat was cool, it made me feel like I was in another world entirely. His car was neat, you needed to see the way I was admiring the car like a villager.

Before I knew it, Shina tapped my shoulders & whispered

"Don't tell me that you're falling in love with this guys".

I punched him slightly at his side and said "Don't let him hear you, are you okay?" Then he gigled. 

I was kinda embarrassed. Which kind brother be this one self.

The journey was so long, I thought this guy was living in Mushin, so he's living in Festac. 

God has answered my prayer. I wasn't my holy self again, that means there's been this gold digger inside of me for a very long time. I needed to control myself otherwise I would just end up being cheap.

When we got to his house, he showed us where I and my siblings would stay. The room was very big like extra large, it's only in movies I see rooms like this

 Now, I am seeing it in reality. It was a dim lit room, with a faint blue bulb hanging over head to give, making use not walking into walls. 

The bed also was very soft. It looked like a family bed. The room was well air-conditioned, and it spelt no more handfan. My brother too was admiring the room.

" Sister Tofunmi will like this." Shina said with a tears full eyes. I hugged him and assured him that she would be fine.

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