Not her Reflection by Sobowale Olufunke


Suspense filled my heart as I awaited my result. The lab attendant gave me my result and told me that I am infected with gonorrhea and if I delay in treating it, I would have complications in my body system,most especially my womb. 

I nearly fainted "Arrgh, Emi Olanrewaju Ifeoluwa, GONORRHEA!!! This is not possible, Tofunmi, is it really true?"

"We have to report to the police about this rape incident o, sister Mi,please let's go to the police station." Shina said angrily while the lab attendant was looking at us pitifully. Tofunmi was filled with tears and I was lost In thought.

-Having completed his secondary education, I and Tofunmi were looking for more money to further his education, he got admitted to the University of Ibadan to study Sociology, and I don't have money for any treatment now.

- What kind of calamity is this? Who did I offend? Why me? I am 25years old and I am old enough to get married anytime soon but who would want to marry a gonorrhea infected lady, the lab attendant broke the silence and said, "Miss Ife, I advise you to treat yourself as soon as possible and after that report to the police before it is too late and you'll have to pay #35,000 for treatment."

"Ahh!Aunty, but this is a general hospital, ehn! Please can you help us." Tofunmi knelt down begging.

"I can't do anything, the power is not in my hands but I can help you with the money, she went to her bag and brought out some money and counted it, she stretched her hand to Tofunmi, take this #15,000 that's all I can afford to help you out,I am sorry that I can't do more than." said the nurse

Before she completed the sentence. Tofunmi hugged her,

"Thanks,aunty, God will bless you and your children," we thanked her and prayed for her.

" No problem, we thank God, but just make sure you have the remaining balance before next week so that you will take care of yourself on time." she warned us.

I was so happy,we thanked her once again, so we left.

Sister Ife, you know I collected my salary yesterday and I wanted to take the money to the bank on Monday, it's #25,000 we have the money already then." Tofunmi said.

I was jumping,praising God, people who were passing by looked at me,I was so happy not knowing that another great disaster was about to happen to us, WHY ME?

When we got home, we saw that our house has been burnt down,our neighbours were looking worried,some were crying, we saw the police car they were investigating our house. One of my neighbours came to meet us " Thank God, you were not at home o, some touts rather cultists came to our house and ransacked everywhere in the house,after taking all the valuable things in the house,they were with dangerous weapons, they shot Daddy Lola(one of our neighbours too)because he was trying to stop them from burning the house, I don't even know where I'll go,my properties, I don't have anything again".she said throwing her hands on her head, I didn't know what happened after that all what I know was that I felt weak and everywhere became dark suddenly.

I found myself in the hospital, when I tried to turn, my brother stood immediately

"Sister Mi,how are you?

Nurse ! Nurse!! She is awake". Shina called the Nurse, then a lady came in checked the drip, my temperature and some other things, after she left the first thing I asked was" where is Tofunmi?what am I doing here?"

"Sister Mi, you need to rest now, I can't tell you anything now but you've been lying down here for 5days" Shina replied.

What? 5days? What happened to me? I tried to remember what happened to me, then I felt a sharp pain on my head, I screamed, I couldn't hear anything again,the pain was so sharp that I felt like my head was about to explode.

Then I saw a Doctor, he came in and injected me, then everything went blank once again.

When I woke up, I found myself in a different room from the previous one and still saw Shina by my side, he was lost in thought.

"Shina, where is Tofunmi?".

He started crying,"sister mi, you need to relax and calm down, thank God you're fine now".

I started thinking, hope it's not that Tofunmi is dead or don't let me think otherwise. Then I remembered the incident that happened before I fainted, Oh No, so we don't have anywhere to stay, ahh! Tofunmi's money, hope she's not shocked about the incident?

" Shina, please tell me,where is Tofunmi? Answer me right now".I shouted at him. Before he could say anything, the doctor entered and told Shina that he needs to get money for the gonorrhea because it was spreading fast.

"As for your other sister", the doctor explained as I heard that, I quickly looked up then Shina spoke immediately.

" Oh Doctor, thanks for everything, let's go outside to talk about it" then the Doctor turned to my side and noticed that I was awake, God, this man is handsome, he should be in his early thirties, his smile is captivating, how I wish....

"Can you hear me?"I heard the doctor say.

Oh....I.....I was short of words.

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