Running in the woods surrounded by tall trees with long branches and broad leaves. I was holding unto the love of my life and she was clinging unto me in the ways I never imagine in my lifetime. 

The race for our lives made it look like we were alone in the planet. No one came insight, birds hovered speedily above us and our heart sank as we broke through branches. 

 Anna Karl is the love of my life, the girl I am in love. I was feelings dump, so I couldn't say if she loved me.  

Her blonde hair would run in my face at times and every time she fell. I would spring her up to my feet. Feelings bashed me up but my legs moved me faster than my thought. I have never seen what I saw today in my life. All that was happening was unexplainable. 

 I was just a regular teenager and earlier this morning was a hush feeling about my birthday.

 My name is Adams Josh, my father was a soldier who was killed in the meditern war ten years ago my mother have been the one taking care of me and my little sister. She works as a nurse with the state hospital, and she picks up extra jobs so that we would have more food.

  I was happy when my friends rushed in to fit into our small living room. Anna too was here. Though she coming was accidentally. But it feels good, I could look side ways to stare at her face. 

I was later made to cut the cake but Annie's reflecting smile made me over cut the cake. Soon I noticed she was going out, so I had to stop her to give her own piece of cake. My mission was to make a bond with her. We were chatting outside the house when three people walked in. A woman and two men. They looked like police officers. I was given the chance to talk. My uncle sighted them and he walked up to meet them, ordering us to get behind him. He asked who they were and they said they wanted me. 

They said they had a gift for me, but my uncle stopped me from stepping out. This was the faster move I had ever seen. My uncle was falling to the ground and the man was pointing a gun at me. The gun shot was deafening. 

The whole house poured out and soon. I was out of sight and right beside me was Annie. I could figure out how she got beside me. Nothing else came in line except an escape route. We broke through the back house and we made out on the house through the backyard. We made it into the woods, crushing leaves under her feet. We made across branches, but weak Annie was pulling me back. She fell many times and the gun shot behind us made us zoom up hurriedly. We couldn't look back.

We came across a cliff and I almost had my foot against the wrong stone when I went back against my motion. Stones crumbled off the end of the cliff, falling into the rift that separated us from the next cliff. 

A winged creature hovered over us and I wrapped up Annie in fear. We fell into the ground, scared and all we got was a voice.

"Hey! you two. It's time to fly." I looked up and all I saw was a winged man. 

I stretched to reach unto his wings while my other hand held tight to Annie. I broke free all of a sudden, seeing the winged man gasped for breath. A sword was protruding out of his stomach and blood surged out of his mouth as he fell into the ground. Right in our face came another winged man. He landed softly and he made us look at the wing man fighting for life. He had already changed colour to black. The new wing man was whiter. He had long wings and his face looked familiar. He held unto the sword in the dying winged man stomach and he pulled it out. 

He looked at us and he said. 

"Follow me." I stood in Annie's way not ready to move an inch. I didn't know who to believe. 

©Bamidele Akindehin