Melt down.

I was seated with an half filled cup, a bottle of coke was beside me and I began to wonder why I had it turned into a cup in the first place. That was just me filling up things. I was only trying to stage a class for my self.

I sighted koki from afar. She moved closer to me and she delivered a whisper right in my ear. "Mummy wants to see you." I nodded, turning the coke into my cup again. Then I took another cold sip. It's chill, held the edge of my teeth, and I felt shock, running through me. 

Koki is my junior sister. Haven't you heard about that girl, the whole guys in the street die to see walk pass them. That is koki, and I am darn wicked I don't let her walk alone. A lot of my friends had jokingly tried wooing her through me but my face told them it mustn't get out of the realm of a joke. Take it or leave it Koki was the hottest chick in town then. I would break anyone's bone for her sake. 

She held me and she pulled me out of the small hall that was meant to entertain those who came for the party. Oh!! the party. That day was august 29, On the 29th of every august my dad do sponsor and host the remembrance of my late grandma. 

I got back into the hall, few minutes later and a lady walked in just as I was about to take my seat. I held the arm chair like it was a fragile piece and I didn't know when my seating posture changed as I sat down slowly.

I was seated now, with an answered prayer I felt so grateful like a man who had just received manner from heaven. 

Her light skin killed my bones and I felt a bit excited. I watched her for from afar and soon I noticed every other guy in the hall was also giving this girl a cold stare. 

I took a confident step and I rose up to meet her. 

I pulled an empty chair up to her and I sat taking out an air of relief beside her.

"You stay in this town?" I finally asked, feeling unnoticed. 

She dropped me a prompt smile then she devoted her concentration back to her phone. 

"No, I don't." She replied curtly. She dropped her bag. Held her phone and she walked out on me, exiting the room through the back door acting like she had been there before. 

A frown held my face strong as I sighted Six girls, standing up from their seats randomly, now the sound in the hall had been turned on and the music was rocking the whole atmosphere. They all went out through the back door. That struck my nerves, I felt so uncomfortable that my bones wanted to jump out of my skin. 

I stood up after five minutes and I moved towards the back door. I stepped out and I shut the door, so was the music in the hall it had stopped hitting my drums. 

I paused, my hands clenching into a fist as I studied my shadow, laying in front of me. I moved a bit further and a faint voice of someone, crying for help came up my ears. 

I rushed violently forward, Yelling. "Hey!!! Hey!!!" I turned in the tight passage and I went right. I saw a girl far off, Struggling to stand up. It was the girl in the hall, her blouse had been ripped off. She had one hand against her chest as she managed to adjust her bra strap. 

"Don't come close" she yelled.

"They are gone." I replied calmly. I pulled off my sweat shirt and I threw it at her, turning my back. 

I kept my eyes on her shadow but the low light produced a bad outline so I saw noting specific. 

After I had helped her back into the hall. I began to rush her with questions before she could say a thank you. 

I had it all planned now, I saved her from been rapped. She can't reject been my friend. We would be friends for a while and after a while. I would ask her out, and she would say yes. I was this close to asking her about why she was here when my mum showed up behind us like a ghost. 

"It is good you two are getting along." My mum said and that left a crack in my skull. -Does mum know her.- I thought quickly. 

"Sophie your mum told me you were here so I rushed down to see you."

"Okay mar." The girl replied. 

I felt a bit decomposed right there, but something cool arouse in me. It was a thought. -cool!! she is mum friend's daughter. That would make everything easy- I thought.

"Sophie this is your cousin Martell. The one you have been wanting to see." My mum continued, a strange look on her face, noticing my shirt on the girl.

-Nooooooooooooo- A scream came through my head

-she better not be my cousin- I thought. 

"I thought you said your name was Tobi." I asked anxiously.

"Yeah. Sophie is my English name." She replied. 

I felt a big part of my heart melt down. My plans had just been ruined. 

My mum next word was depressing. "Let us all go for a walk. I have something to say to you two." She whispered. 

©Okhuoya Godwin