Martel el Jargons. That was his nick name before he liquidated his empire, smoldered his castle. One already lofty in the heart of fame. Still, he retained his nick. He had been staying with wisdom all his life. But on a personal level he decided to remain foolish. He stayed mad, wild and very Insane.

It was a cold Thursday morning. Martel wobbled his tie with sympathy till it loosened. He was tired of it all and he felt like yanking it all out. A petite moment of fun was all he had in his head and he was ready to push this. 

 He smiled looking at the little dispenser at one corner of his room and he sort for the customer line. He jerked off a sticker off the side of the transparent container and lowered his height. It was of no use, he was short right from time. He tapped the container and soon he was back to his table, pushing the buttons on his telephone. 

He finally had his tie off and he coughed into the receiver. 

“Martel El Jargons from Blue Top inc.” He said with so much seriousness. 

“Morning Mr Jargon.” The lady’s thin voice carried back the reply  . She was almost pondering over how the name Jargons came from a black man, Nigerian. Customers could be petty, she felt. 

“Mr jargons! How can we help you?”

“Oh! My dear.” Almost sounding sympathetic, he tried to mimic a rat locked in a jar, struggling for help.

She could have imagined his face, the way he sounded. She could believe he was having issues with his dispenser. He must have just purchased this. No! He must have purchased a lot of dispenser and stuffs happened. Those were always customers with this kind of voice, report routine. 

“What is the little problem Mr jargons?” She asked again. Her voice was still calm and sweet.

“Your dispenser!” his voice was weak, filled with insecurity.  

“Ok!” She went along with him.

“The one your company makes.”

“Ok! Speak on Mr jargons. I am listening.”

“Never mind.” He said and he ended the call. 

He was still cold and the frustration was building up. The Air conditional was off but he was still very cold. 

He pulled down the entire curtain in his room and he wrapped himself up, and quickly as he took each breath carefully with the curtain in his face, he said to himself repeatedly. 

“I am mad.”

Some few minutes after ten, his sexy secretary came knocking. He couldn’t over look the crazy bottle shape and the compromising position he was left in made the rise of his rod very visible. She worsened it. She could have imagined it to be strong and veiny. But no! So much trouble already. She was married and was 28 years old. He was a divorced 51 years old. He looked old and cute  but mad, of course not too wise to be called ‘not foolish’.

She had been giving him the eyes all the time but his stupidity had always had her exhausted that she had given up on making her intent very visible. He would turn things off on the norms. But now she is married. Her marriage is now 3weeks old. 

But this time, she caught his wall hard. He must be having some nasty thought, or… ‘Porn.hub’ no one can tell.

Whatever! She moved out of his office after she had pushed aside the dusty curtain for a space for the books she brought in to rest.

She got back to her office. The little office had four desks. One holding a typewriter and one old computer. The other had tons of books almost hitting the roof, pens everywhere and the last two table wlas one with a woman, fat, with the fat around her chin falling against her neck. 

She looked up at the secretary walking pass the door, pushing it close and walking towards the last empty seat.

“The fool is not who you think he is.”

“Boss!” The fat woman guessed. The bright spark in the eyes of the secretary marked her to be right.

“You guessed right.” The secretary replied. 

“I thought he was mad, harsh and strict, after he personally closed down the company he built for over 10 years to buy chicken for the gods of his land to help him screw his senses more…”

“Was that what he really did with all that money!”

The fat woman sighed, and then she replied. “Well, I just guessed.” She said. 

“I guess he gambled with 20 percentage of it, used 70 percent of it to carry all your village girls with cleavage just like yours.” The secretary looked down on her chest and she buttoned up more properly. 

“Then he used the remaining 10 percent to start up this shitty company.”

“Same shitty company that has you employed.” The secretary added. 

She took to her sit and she heaved a sigh. The fat lady’s gaze still on her and she knew she wanted the real gist.

“He watches porn.” The secretary cracked the nut.

“Tony! You don’t mean it.” The fat woman blurted. It had been a while since she had called the secretary by her name.

“Why are you surprised? Almost every man watches porn.”

“Except my husband.” The fat woman defended and she got the holier than thou look. 

“How did you get to know?” The fat woman asked again. 

“I got into his office today, caught him in a very compromising position his rod was very hard. I mean very hard.” Tony demonstrated with her fist. 

A knock came against the door and the messenger walked  in without approval.. 

He delivered one envelope and he left. 

Thirty minutes later the whole office had been sacked leaving just one person without a letter. Tony, that doesn’t mean she still had her job. 

They tried to trace their boss, Martel El Jargons to his office but he was nowhere near been found. No one knew when he sneaked out of the office. His car was still in the lot. 

He even sacked all his executives and they knew this was for real. He had pulled down his company before, a successful one. He could do it again. 

 Late evening Tony and the fat lady where at a bar discussing about the whole incident. They couldn’t come up with a reason why it happened but they knew it was a very mad decision from a man very mad. 

A boy popped off nowhere with a phone. He wore a cute smile and he spoke to them.

“I have a message from a mad man.”

“Mad man!” They both chorused. 

“Yes, a mad man.” The boy replied. He gave the phone to Tony.

“He wants to talk to you.”

She collected the phone, breathing hard into the mouth piece. 

“I am Martel El Jargons!” The voice came off. She was cold and silent. 

“I sacked everyone because I caught you staring at my thing when I had a trouser on.” 

That shock look came up her face as she listened. 

“I give you till tomorrow evening to see me in person or you stay with the guilt of having over 100 workers get laid off on your neck. You might have to see my thing hard again without a trouser on”

The call dropped. The boy collected the phone and he walked away as Tony plastered her palm on her fore head. She was going to hold her brain from falling off.

“Who called?” The fat woman said.

Tony looked from the corner of her eyes.

“The only mad man we both know, he sacked everyone because I saw his thing rise.”

“Martel El Jargons!” The fat woman exclaimed, her balls almost popping off her socket