Tina had been laying in bed for over six days she finally got up on the seventh day and she was proud to have friends waiting around. The three that had managed to stay were like the whole world to her. Hanna, Sandra and Adams stayed all those days with her. She was so good at pretending no one knew on phone that she was sick. She had blisters on her skin it was big sign it was measles. The nurse who came over to check her it had been within but the stress brought it out.

“Has he called yet?” Tina asked. She scratched her hair, feeling it was old and itchy and she flashed a smile at Adams.

Sandra turned water off the dispenser into a small cup and she brought it closer to Tina.

“I don’t want cold water now.” Tina said as she kicked against the rugged floor. She looked around, drawing a deep breath and she got up to stretch. Sandra was waiting beside her, glaring.

“It’s hot.” Sandra said.

“Ohhhh.” Tina collected the cup and she took a sip.

“How are you feeling now?” Adams asked. Tina looked up and she moved across the room towards the plastic chair Adams was seating on.

“Thank you.” She said. He smiled and he nodded.

“How are you feeling now?”

“I am fine, at least for now.”

 “You need to take your drugs now.” Hanna shrieked from the kitchen. Tina turned around and she whisked. She walked away from Adams and she went to see Hanna in the kitchen she came back and her drugs were awaiting her. She was glad that she felt better than the day before. But she was sad Isaac had not called. She couldn’t figure out what she issue was but she was sure, something was wrong. He knew she was emotionally down. Tina thought Isaac would have called a day later to ask how she felt. But he didn’t. She picked up her phone and she tried calling several times but no one was picking up. She got tired when the line got busy.

Tina sat on the bed while Sandra got busy assisting Hanna in the kitchen and soon the room was filled with aromas of moimoi while Adams was trying to keep the windows opened. He looked back staring into Tina’s eyes. Her beauty was getting into his head and he couldn’t stop himself from pulling closer to her. He felt she was lonely and she need someone to speak to.

She sat close to her and he stretched for her hands. She didn’t fight back for her hands and she was as calm as a dove.

“Do you think he loves me?” Tina asked. She turned at him and he stared at her swiftly.


“My boyfriend don’t you know him.”

“Ohhhhh… I can’t say.”

“I don’t think he does.” Her voice went weak. Adams squeezed her hands tighter in his.

“But I can’t just…I.I.I.I.I.I” She stammered “I can’t just stop loving him.”

“I know how it feels.” Adams cut in. He rolled his tongue over his lips making it moist and he dropped a hefty smile.

“You can’t continue like this.” Adams continued. “You just have to let him go.”

“But I can’t. I can only let him go if he loves me no more. And that I am not sure of.” She shifted uneasily on the bed and she held his right hands with her free hand.

“He has not been truthful. He has been a cheat. He has changed. But the Isaac I met at first was who I fell for. He is still who he was. He can still be his normal self.”

Adams drew in a deep breath as his mind edged the conversation. He wanted her badly. She was going to be his redemption and he was in no doubt that whatever he was going to say at that moment was going to determine if he was going to have one chance with her.

“You said. He cheated.” Adams began.

“Yeah! He did.”

“How come you know that.”

Tina ran her hands across her hair and she took it off with a frown. Adams stared at the fading blisters running up her hands and he beamed.

“He slept with Sandra.” She spoke in a whisper. Adams couldn’t scream. But she saw it in his eyes that he was shocked.

“How come you know?”

“She told me herself.”

“And you are still talking with her.”

“That’s just who I am.”

“Wao!” Adams shrugged. He looked away, feeling irritated and he found himself looking deep into her eyes again. Those eyes of hers were magnetic. Her hands were holding his and she wasn’t ready to let go. Their faces got close like they would kiss and Tina let out with a question.

“Can you be this close to me forever?” She asked. Adams nodded and he tried to move closer again the kitchen door flew opened and steam rushed in.

“How do you want it served?” Sandra’s voice came in.