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Tina got off the dark bathroom and she went for her bag. She dropped it again and she adjusted her trouser.

"What is wrong with you." She asked seeing Hanna's face.

Hanna's heart was renting into pieces and she was trying all her best to remain on her feet. She was a bit thankful Adams wasn't caught.

"Are you using Silvax." Tina looked up throwing a blank stare. 

"Nooo. The light in MKO is bad." Hanna replied.

"I asked about Silvax."

"Ohhhh Silvax. Yeah...." She grabbed her bag and she moved towards the door. She pushed it open and she drafted a smile.

"Thanks." She said and she walked out with the door closing violently behind her.

Adams leaned on the wall and he sighed as the light in the bathroom went on. He looked at the hand resting on the switch and he stepped out from behind the door.

"Is she gone." 

"Yeah..." Hanna said. "Come let's talk." She added.

Adams went for the edge of the bed and he sat on it. 

"What's next." Adams asked. He sighed and he looked up at the roof. The heightened feeling he had was dropping and he was looking a bit relaxed. 

"Follow her now and see what you can do tonight." 


"Yeah. It will make sense seeing her again. Don't you think."

"Yeah... Good Idea." Adams jumped up like he struck Gold. His sister's idea was always on track. 

"What do I say when I see her?" He asked looking up at his sister. She went mute as she emptied a bottled water down her throat. She belched and she replied. "Act like yourself. Be a friend. Don't ask her out. I know you won't.... Not tonight... Don't feel she has a feeling... Don't be stupid."

"Fine!!! Fine!!!" Adams said. He stood up and he moved towards the fridge, few meters away from the end of the bed. He pulled it open and he collected a bottled water. 


Isaac made it to ogbomoso before Eight-Thirty and he was so quite about his trip. No one knew he was around, not even his old pals. He thought they might tell Tina about him visiting. He wanted something secretive. 

He got to hosanna hostel few minutes to Nine, and it was a surprise he met her door locked. He wasn't going call her. He preferred sleeping in his car if she wasn't going to be home that night. His mind went far, digging up thoughts. He couldn't stop himself from wondering where she could be. He was right seated behind the wheels some minutes to ten. When he sighted a lady walk into the compound. He watched her closely and when she was close enough. He picked a pound of recognition.

 "Sandra!"He said aloud, hitting his fingers gently on his wheels.

He got out the moment she had gone in and he followed her from afar. He wanted to pick a surprise, but it was a bigger surprise she walked alone without a guy holding on to her butt. -She is be changing- He thought.

He stepped into the hallway, noticing she had gone in and he approached her room door. The hostel was a bit noisy. Some group of guys were having a steaming argument on the corridor of the second floor and that wasn't as ear bursting to him as the sound coming off the room opposite Tina's. A stereo was screaming YCEE'S 'JAGABAN' like it would be paid. 

He ignore it all and he focused. His cheek bone stood out as he tightened his teeth. He knocked the door repeatedly and soon he got a respond. 

"Who be." The voice came from within.

"Isaac." He replied.

"Isaac!!" A hook of surprise was strangling the tone the voice came off with.

"Yeah." He answered slowly, imagining the look on Sandra's face. It's been over 6month he came to ogbomoso.

The door flew opened and he flashed a smile. She couldn't just help but blush. He looked much more handsome, even more than he looked the last time he came visiting. The light off her room, met his eyes and the reflection caught was trapped in her eyes. She always nursed a feeling for him. Now it was time for them to be alone. Tina had gone for night class. She was very sure, Isaac who have to sleep over and wait just see Tina the next day, and that means something nasty might happen before dawn. She knew it would be a mistake if she chips in the idea of going to sleep elsewhere for him to be comfortable. 

Isaac stepped in as Sandra stepped out of his way. He caught his breath as he took another look at Sandra. Hot! He thought. 

"Can I just change." Sandra said. She shoveled out of her disorganized wardrobe a night gown and she moved into the bathroom.

She stepped out minute later and this time Isaac gaze was all over her. The night gown was a transparent one and it was so self reveling that Isaac knew without a second look that she had nothing underneath. 

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