Love me no more Eps9

Tina rushed into Hanna's room the moment she heard the crack generated by the movement of the lock. 

"And...What is wrong with you." Hanna asked.

She caught the look on Tina's face and she went beyond guess to know something was wrong.  

"I was on my way to night class and I thought I could hold my peep a bit longer but no, I think I might be forced to do something crazy in school. I got back to my room and I noticed, I forgot my keys inside and Sandra won't be coming home until tomorrow." Tina explained hurriedly. Hanna crossed her hands against her chest and she stared.

"I can't use a public toilet, like that in school." Hanna felt the veins taking blood into her heart blocked. She coughed out rapidly thinking of what to do.

"Or do you have issues with that." Tina asked in a rush feeling a bit less comfortable. 

"No...Not at all." Hanna let out a smile. She already had the master plan and this might get Adams plan on the line if it doesn't go well. 

"The light in there just got spoilt, and ..."

"See leave that one." Tina said. She dropped her bag and she moved towards the bathroom as she began to unzip her trouser. 


It all went nice for isaac. He was at the hall 4 with one of the student union guys. He wanted to help the union advertise a social programme organised for freshers and he wanted to sell out a slot on his blog. That was going to be impossible without he seeing at least one of the Excos. 

Hundred thousand naira was what he planned to bill them for having to advertise their programme to over two-hundred thousand people who end up finding their ways daily, reading either  breaking news or latest gist on his blog for a month.

He offered the Excos guy he met, ten thousand naira and he was assured the deal was going to be his and his pay won't go lesser than Eighty thousand naira. This wasn't the first time he would be getting contract from them after tipping one of the Excos it gets into his hands easily.

Isaac got into his car and he rode back to the flat where he stayed. He got into his living room and he sank into his couch. 

A call came in minutes later, it was from "DLP NIGHT" He knew what she wanted so he ignored it. If not a hot round of sex nothing else would make DLP call him late in the night.

At that moment, his urge for big butts and lady's with hard sex drive had vanished. Something else in him told him to pick up his ringing phone and tell her to come over for just the night. Just one more night.

Another call came in from "Bukky pro." He sneered and he consulted his wristwatch for time. It was just 7:37pm. He got up with a hard blow against his mind. Thought of Tina flooded his memories. It took him back to all the good memories they had shared. How they held hands, how they moved away from 250 Lecture theater in the cold night, down UnderG road. How she went far as cooking for him when he got busy starting up his blog. How she gave him her credit card to run Facebook ads. 

He got back and thought about when they cuddled and kissed. He blinked right there and he shook his head. That last paragraph never happened. 

Something slipped through his mind, it was a piece of thought. He felt he was punishing Tina, way too much. He got his car keys and he got into his car, determined to reach lautech that night.

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