Love me no more Eps8

Adams broke out of sleep all at once. His eyes was red and the first thing he did was to find the wall clock. Right over a coca cola calendar. He found it, hanging down. It was just some few minutes past five. He got off his bed and he was careless about stretching. He cracked his neck and he rubbed his palm against his face over and over again. He was waiting for his system to reboot like an old desktop with an obsolete processor. 

His head got cleared after few seconds and he rushed to pick up his phone where he had accidentally dropped it to sleep.

5 missed call from Jane, 2 from Joyce, 8 from Tolu accounting. 3 messages from Heart and 2 messages from Aispa Guy. He ignored it all and he moved closer to his wardrobe. He picked up a new shirt and he changed, retaining his jean trouser. Now he was set and he would be going back to hosanna hostel to see his sister. 

Getting Tina was still fixed on his schedule. 


Tina walked back to her room and he got pissed, still seeing the guy's shoe outside. She moved closer and she attempted knocking. But she was pushed to listen and have fun with sounds. She felt something was still happening inside. She glowered listening to her friend moan passionately and he got determined to disrupt their fun.

She knocked aggressively over and over again and she didn't stop knocking till she heard Sandra's voice calling. 

"It's Tina." She answered.

"Oh... Tina, give me five minutes." Sandra replied. 

Tina waited outside and after seven minutes the door cracked open from within. A light skinny girl stepped out with a guy twice her height. They both were sweating.

"Hey! How was class." Sandra asked with a smile. She could see Tina was vexed but she had to pretend nothing was wrong. 

"Fine." Tina answered with a tired face, her hands crossed against her chest as she watched them closely.

"I want to see my boy friend off." Sandra said as she locked her arm's in the guys arm, and they moved forward. She swung her butt like she had been saving recently for a waist surgery and Tina could not help but imagine how long what had passed in between her legs that afternoon would have been. The guy was almost like a giant. 

They just weren't similar. Tina and Sandra, but they were already deep into each other before the noticed they were on different lanes. They only similar thing about them was the fact that they were in the same school. Sandra had been with over 20 guys that year. She double, triples and if there was a better word that could describe a chain of relationships. That word would be perfect. While Tina was just that simple girl who couldn't just go over her very first. 


Adams was back at hosanna hostel before it was six and all he did was to persuade his sister to help him get Tina. Hanna, fully aware of her brother's status made it uneasy.

Adams went far to the length of kneeling down but Hanna was still keen on not letting her school daughter's friend into the hand of a heart ripping lion.

Adams got so broken when he was going no where near, getting help from his sister, then he said the very word she wanted to hear. 

"I will let them all go right now. If you let me in on few tips on catching up with Tina." Adams said. 

Now it was like hanna was drowning in a dead pool and she was confused, not knowing if she should give out a thunderous scream or just deliver her breathe effortlessly into the jaw of the whale and settle in it's belle.

Adams had not miss out on any girl before, so Hanna was 70% sure Adams would succeed finding a space in Tina's difficult heart and that would have been a step closer to making Tina love Isaac no more. 

But Adams, not ending up been like Isaac was her only fear. She wanted a life better than rolling with a truck full of girls for her brother. 

She asked for his phone, went through his messages and she wrote out every number that he had sent a text that had the love clause or had him sent a message that carried the clause love.

She composed a break up message and she ordered him to sit down and start sending them the message one at a time under her supervision.

Hanna was glad he agreed but she was scared he might make it up to them any time.

He was half way done sending the texts when a knock landed on the door.

Hanna looked at the door and she waited for the knock to come up again. It did, this time it was louder. 

"Who is that." Hanna asked.

"It's me Tina, come open the door joor." The voice responded. 

Adams heart came violently against his rib cage as he locked a fixed gaze with his sister's eyes. His breathe went out with a plot never to return and he felt a blockage in his lungs. His feet went numb as he jumped up standing on his balls. Hanna motioned him to hide in the bathroom and he rushed quickly towards the left side of the room.

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