Love me no more Eps7

The talk about Adams lasted just five minutes. Then they switched over to Sandra. 

"Why will she go in with every guy." Hanna asked.

"I don't know. It's her choice." 

Hanna hissed. "Why are you talking like this." She glared.

"You guys are not just the same. Why will she have to jump from one guy to another." 

Tina leaned on the bed and she took a deep breathe. She sensed Hanna's movement towards her and she sighed.

"Don't preach." Tina said.

"I won't." Hanna replied.

"And don't teach." Tina added.

Hanna smiled, seating at the end of the bed.

"Why don't you let Isaac go." Hanna finally let out. There was an eerie hush in the room and there was no reply from Tina.

"You are a beautiful girl. Very beautiful girl. You have the cash. Why sticking to that fool who doesn't even care." 

Tina sprang off the bed and she glowered. 

"Have you ever been in love before." She asked, her eyes went dark all of a sudden. 

"Yes but..." Hanna replied and Tina broke in before she was done.

"That's the difference there is no but in what I have for Isaac. He is my first love."

"But he loves you no more." Hanna fired

"But I still do love him."

"He cheats on you. That is glaring."

"I haven't caught him once. How will you say that."

"He doesn't call like he use to. The Isaac I know then will call you every minute and and text every second." Hanna explained

"Does that mean he is seeing somebody. I don't think so." Tina snapped back. "I think he got busy with his job. I love the fact that he is hardworking." She concluded. 

Hanna nodded, looking into Tina's eyes. Tina was now too deep in love with Isaac that she couldn't be save from drowning. 

Tina stood off her bed and she began to pace the room from side to side like she had been ordered not to sit, then she stopped all of a sudden pointing fingers at Hanna. 

"He changed since he got a transcript to Unilorin. Can he truly be seeing someone else." She went silent as she felt the truth eating her up from within. Tears ran down her check, completing the make up ruining challenge her sweat had left out. 

Hanna moved closer to her and she grabbed her. She rested her face on her chest with her neck arched and she spoke gently to her.

"It's alright. Let's talk about something else." 

"I am fine." Tina said, breaking away.

"He hasn't called nor text for days." Tina said, rushing towards the bed for her hand bag.

"Call him then. Like you said, he might be busy." Hanna said in a low tone.

Tina unlocked her phone and the first thing she came across was Isaac's text. Pending! A wild smile flushed off her face from no where and she felt alright after reading the text. It was magical, unexplainable. She couldn't explain how she felt. But the text made her feel nine times better. She couldn't stop her self from calling him.

Tina warned Hanna to be mute and when the line rang for the third time Isaac picked.

"Hey Love." Isaac said in a weak and low tone. Tina quickly sensed that he was tired. But she was glad he picked.

"You got my text."

"Yeah, I did. I am so sorry. I should have called you."

"No I should have. I was very busy."

"What about now. I have missed you."

"Yeah baby. I know... Give me an hour baby. Ama call you back."

"Ok." Tina replied slowly and she ended the call. She smiled pressing the phone against her chest and he was surprised to look up at Hanna's angry face. 


Adams got back to his hostel, and the first thing he did was to drop on his bed. He laid on it lifelessly and he closed his eyes for over five minutes. He thought about Tina over and over again. He liked her. She looked different, composed and OK. Nothing else was special about her but she was totally different from every girl he had ever met.

Adams had been a regular player, with so many girls on his team. But he felt adding Tina to his squad meant He would have to be the new coach and Tina would be the only player in his team. That was going to be impossible but he felt it was worth giving a try. 

Adams rolled over on his bed and he sighed. He concluded he was going to go back to see his sister and discuss how he was going to win Tina's heart and right before he finalised his whole thought he slept off. 

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