Love me no more Eps6

"Pass me my cloths." The thick voice called. 

"Come outside and get it." Hanna responded.

"I can't come out naked now."

"Use towel."

"Sister naaaa."

"Don't Sister me ooo." Hanna replied. She walked over to the mirror and she pulled Tina away from it. 

"E don do nah. You fine before." Tina flashed a curt smile, with Hanna's word settling in her head. She went back to the end of the bed and she sank into it.

"I want to make it up to you. You will meet my naughty brother today."

"Hmmmm" Tina sighed, showing a foster seriousness.

"Sister naaa. I will walk out naked oooo." The voice came off again.

"Try am now." Hanna replied, an hike in her pitch. 

She slipped out of the over sized trouser she was in, revealing her thick tights. 

Tina's smiled admiring Hanna's body. Spotless and scarless. 

"I wish I have something like this." Hanna spilled out.

"I am dying to be dark aunty." 

"See as laps thick, my God" Hanna said jokingly. 

There was a bang on the bathroom door and Hanna looked up, frowning. She slipped quickly into a leggings and she went for the cloths on her bed. 

She grabbed it and she walked over to the bathroom door. 

She pulled down the handle and she noticed it was still locked, then she scream again.

"Open now!" 

"Sorry." Adams replied. He opened the door slightly and he collected his clothes. 

He changed briskly and he walked out to interrupt the two ladies whose talk had now shifted from shoes to kids, men would have been next.

"That's him." Hanna said staring at Adams. Tina turned her neck and she flashed a quick smile. 

Adams stood and he beamed, she was the very girl he had seen walking away from M.K.O.

She felt a quick connection and she noticed he wasn't who he thought he would have seen as hanna's brother . He was taller unlike his sister. The only thing he shared with Hanna was complexion. He had a pointed cheek bone and his eyes was deep in his socket. He was very fair to be a guy and his dark hair glittered like it had been greased. He was tall and his broad shoulder looked like what every woman would desire to lean on.

"You never told me you had an handsome cousin. Sorry brother." Tina blotted. She couldn't catch her words back. 

Adams smiled and he moved slowly across the room towards his sister dressing table. He was in search of her hair cream.

"What are looking for. Won't you say Hi to my friend." 

"Hi." Adams said, deceitfully. He moved closer to Tina and he extended his hands for an handshake. 


"Tina." She replied.

"200 Level SLT." Adams added. Tina stared blankly in disbelieve.

"Are you kidding me."


Hanna watched them without saying a word.

"I am also in SLT. I have not seen you before."

"I just crossed in from accounting." Adams replied. Now he was clasping his hands. 

"Sister... hair cream." He said again, looking at his sister and he got no reply. He acted like he was in an hurry when he noticed his sister wanted a longer conversation between himself and Tina. He finally had to excuse himself with a fixed mind that he would be going somewhere else for hair cream, and all that raced across his mind was confusion. How come the girl he eyed a day back suddenly became his sister's friend. This wasn't his first time of he coming to her hostel, he wondered why he had not meet her since. He felt he had acted well leaving an impression that would last for so long. No girl had talked that long with him and not ended crushing. He knew Tina's case would be no difference. 

Now he had to leave Hanna with the trouble of explaining to Tina why he had to come take a shower in her hostel. That was if Tina was going to ask. 

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