Love me no more Eps5

The whole lecture came in a rush and by 2pm she was done. She went down to Alata fast food joint opposite Facebook junction, underG for a steaming meal. She was been quick about with it, knowing she would have to return to Silvax lecture theater by 9 pm for night class. She had issues with Bot 201 and she had already fixed an appointment with Dele. She won't be paying like every one else. In fact it was a plus on Dele's side. Just one way he could stay around her the whole night without getting an accidental slap thrown at his face. 

She was done with her Yam and egg as quick as possible and she was out, back to Hossana hostel. 

From afar the shoes she saw was Sandra's but she saw something else. A male's shoe. Another guy was in. She didn't brother to knock. One of Sandra's numerous boy friend must be in, having a good time she thought. She made it to the first floor to see another friend who might probably let her stay till Sandra's man take his leave.

She knocked twice and the door went opened.

"Ohhhh. Baaaaabbbbyyyy." I never expected you. Hanna, the light thick lady behind the door said with a wide smile. Tina flashed back a smile and she walked in as Hanna stepped out of her way.

She walked blindly towards the end of the bed positioned in one corner of the room and she sat on it confidently. This wasn't her first visit, neither was it the second. The lady happen to be Sandra's school mother. Nothing else.

"You have no lecture today." 

"Project student." Hanna replied.

They both laughed and hanna moved over a huge shoe rack fastened to the wall. It was long and chunky, having shoes stuffed in every part of it. 

"You said you had something like this, Tina." Hanna collected from the shoe rack a pair of blue heels. That actually stopped Tina from listening to the sound coming off the bathroom. Hanna noticed Tina wasn't listening. But before she continued she wanted to know why. She went calm for seconds and she watched Tina eyes fixed on hers.

"Oh... that." Hanna said pointing. "Not a guy." She added.

"I never said that. But I thought you said no more guys. A change of mind at last... Mama"

"I thought you saw this." Hanna said, moving over to the bed then she picked up a deep blue designer shirt and a jean. 

"I never saw that. I heard the shower sound."

"He is my brother."

"Your brother! Blood brother?" Tina asked. 


"But... You never told me you had a brother. Is he a Ladokite."

"Can we talk about that later." Hanna said. She watched Tina shrugged and she forced a smile. 

"Back to the shoes" she said, moving over to pick up the shoe. Tina collected it from her and she studied it. 

"I bought something like this last year. Was that not around 15 K."

"15 K!" Hanna repeated with a partial jaw separation.

"Una rich madam... I can't be a copy of you gals." She added jokingly. 

"I have a party by weekend. I need it. You either tell me where to get it for 5K or else. I wear yours and keep it for life."

"Don't joke ooo." Tina said as she stood up to her feet. 

"Your dad will get you something better nah. Just call him when next he makes it to Germany. Send him a photo and that's all." 

Tina stood behind a wall mirror and she gave her face a check. 

"So my dad will fly all the way to Germany and he will remember his little daughter needs a shoe. Abegiii" Tina said. She went mute and she studied her face again. It was like she was seeing her self for the second time. Just like she had been at 12, just a bit prettier. Her dark eyes was the only thin she wished could be changed. She wanted something like Isaac's. 

All she observed through the mirror was her wide cheek bone and pointed chin. Her chunky eye brown which had encouraged a weekly shave was a complement to her round face. The little scar on her chin which she had gotten when she fell off a stairs at ten, made her look like she had been a playful kid. Nothing else would have spiked her beauty except the scar. She loved the fact she had it, more than the regret she felt, nursing it to get healed. Her chocolate colour was the most amazing thing a man would want to set his eyes on at sun rise.

"Adams. You wan finish my water." Hanna yelled as she stomped towards her bathroom's door. She wasn't going to badge in. 

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