Love me no more Eps 4

Tina moved alone the lonely path cutting through THE HALL, a new lecture theatre built on the convocation ground. She stopped walking, feeling she had to take shots. That thought was inspired by the ladies standing in front of THE HALL taking selfies. She walked pass them and she found a spot she could stand without having to look any one in the face.

 She go positioned, and she pressed the lower volume button of her phone. Her flash light went on and off. She went on and on with different postures, and after five minutes she sighted a tall guy in a sleeveless round neck. He had an attractive guitar tattoo, running down his shoulder. She didn’t want to know who he was, all she wanted was not a selfie. She wanted something better. The guy helped her out without questions and when she saw she was boring life out of the young man. She thanked him and she watched him move away towards the Pure and applied biology departmental complex. She liked his height, nothing more. His tattoo wasn’t her taste. Isaac wanted a tattoo ones. She frowned at the idea and he came back home tatooless. So sweet a boyfriend who had once understood a lady’s look. That Isaac is no more. Though he had been coming up to her, flooding her head with more genuine excuses. Deep down, they all are lies. 

She sat down on the stairs encroaching the left side of the big hall and she went ahead to open up her Instagram app and soon she was loading off all the picture she had snapped. No need for flitters. Her iPhone six cam made that no issue. 

She paused, getting into Facebook. She had marked all the pictures she wanted to upload but she got stocked tagging. Isaac. She finally tagged just him. No one else. It was eating her up and she felt she had caused it all. All her decency, courtesy was costing her her first love. 

Loving Isaac was actually the best thing that had happened to her. She got in to lautech at 16, met him at 16, he was 20 then and in two hundred level. His compelling brown eyes and his soft speech held her down at first. And the first word he had told her was actually a definite question. 

“You need help?” She had looked at him with a wide smile. No lady would have a guy like Isaac ask her a question and not smile.

He helped her with all the registration process without collecting a dime, and not asking for her name; neither her number. 

He was walking away after he had helped her locate the health center for her medicals when she called him back and asked for his name. 

“Isaac.” He had replied with a brisk smile and he went on with this words.

“You will need help later.”

“Yeah.” She had replied, kicking wandering strand of hair out of her face. 

He gave her his number and he pleaded she call him when ever she was stocked.

She called the next day and he was right where she had described after 20 minutes. He helped her this time submit some document in her PDS secretariat. He was done after thirty minutes. He seems to know people everywhere. The 'Man o war' guys who guided the secretariats couldn’t help but hold him down with hails. “SKID” was what they called him. That wasn’t so tush of a name but she found her self loving it. 

He noticed she was tired and he asked her to follow him. She did blindly, thinking it was part of her registration process. They showed up at Amazing fast food joint. 

“How did you know I was hungry.” She had asked. They bought food worth over 2 K. Her drink covered the whole bill and it took him not much time to spot she was a rich brat. She had blurted that out her self. 

Tina got off thought when her phone rang out. “DELE P.R.O” was the caller ID. She sighed knowing a lecturer was already in class and that she had been meddling with thoughts for a while now.


Isaac took his jacket off. He was now covered with sweat. The light had just gone out and it was like he had been locked in an underground tunnel for a month. He walked towards the left side of his room and he pulled down the handle extending off the switch over box. He confirmed his inverter was well connected to his battery, then he turned it on. His fan came on and the room was filled with light again. He went off to a shelf fixed on his wall, few meters away from his bed and he picked something. It was a book. “Falling forward" by John C Maxwell. He flipped the book to the middle and he took a piece of paper off it and he returned the book to the top of the shelf. His height had made that easy. Isaac was a slim tall guy. His hair style kept the real shape of his head hidden. But his thin and well outlined beards made him a bit more attractive. His brown eyes had made many girls trip especially when he walked up to them at night with lights on. 

Isaac walked back to his Mac book seated on a wooden slab fixed to the wall. He opened up a new tab on his fire fox browser and he got a prompt from Facebook about a new activity. He checked it out quickly and he noticed it was a tag from Tina. A reminder! He had forgotten her again and she was reminding him. He stretched for his phone and he sighed picking it up. He composed a text and he sent her instead of a call. He shrugged thoughtfully then he dropped his phone, expecting her to call him back as usual then he began to put together foster truths he would tell her had stopped him for not checking on her for that long.

©Godwin Okhuoya

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